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    Getting your foot in the door as an EMS instructor

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Very helpful!
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    Getting your foot in the door as an EMS instructor

    Does anyone have experience as an EMT, Paramedic. or Health Science instructor? If so, how did you get your foot in the door? Was it AHA card classes to gain experience or another way ? When (if ever) in your career did you gain your NAEMSE Instructor Certification? If you taught at a community...
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    Centura Health Denver

    I got licensed in Colorado last month. They requested my undergrad degree and transcripts for licensure as a requirement. Along with science pre reqs. Certification only i don't believe it's required but for licensure it is. Link below...
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    Centura Health Denver

    Considering you need a bachelor's degree to be licensed in Colorado vs certified I'm not sure the education statement is entirely accurate 😂 but yes the hospital is a different environment.
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    Centura Health Denver

    Also curious about this. I wonder if they the paramedics as a low level ED tech or if its full scope of practice and job functions
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    AMR feedback? Positive or negative

    AMR is fine for starting out and gaining experience. I do not know about the Connecticut operations.
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    H8 - Part time San Francisco Fire Department paramedic.

    Hey guys, poping in with a quick question. Does AMR san francisco also do primary 911 or is that exclusive to Fire? Thanks
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    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) DMAT Paramedic

    So in 2-3 years we should see some new folks! 😂
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    I'm currently working 911 in Las Vegas. City fire, County fire, Metro Police, and Private ambulance all have a huge number of employees (including myself) with full sleeve and large visible tattoos. We wear short sleeve shirts and no one gives a damn. It does not affect anyone's ability to...
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    EMT Oath- My problem

    Thanks for making me read my reply from almost a decade ago. I can confirm in 2021 the oath mentioned is still dumb.
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    US EMT to Norway

    Norway only recently started a 3 year bachelor degree for paramedics, just a few years back. What is "PMT"? Hopefully a medical doctor if it takes 9 years. I actually ended up obtaining a paramedic license in Denmark at the time Norway's first paramedic bachelor class was starting...
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    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) DMAT Paramedic

    Got my ID card today. The process is now complete. It took me over 2 years to onboard 🤣
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    Recommendations for gear bags whilst on shift

    Pulled the trigger on a 15L. Neither of the ones I had mentioned above. Trying to save space upfront since I'm on system status. I'll update my feedback on the bag once I have worked with it for a month or two. Its going to be a tight fit for my stuff, but I welcome the downsize and challenge...
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    Recommendations for gear bags whilst on shift

    Bag models have changed since this thread was started. I'm replacing my 5.11 bag. Need a personal bag for 12 hour shift on an ambulance shift in a busy urban system. Gotta carry my lunch, a stethoscope, tablet / kindle, rain jacket, sunglasses, 18oz water bottle, 20oz coffee tumbler. You know...
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    Recommendations for gear bags whilst on shift

    Anyone have experience with Pelican backpacks? I know they make great hard cases but was surprised to see they made backpacks. I'm looking to try something new other than 5.11 for an EDC bag on an ambulance shift
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    Globetrotting As a Paramedic

    The one I was following basically died. :-(
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    CCP-C vs FP-C

    Renewal cost is brutal. I would only get it if you're planning on flying or required by an employer. $325 (non-members) $225 (IAFCCP members). This is the reason I don't maintain any IBSC certs. That cost about twice as much as my State licence, NREMT, and CCEMTP renewal put together.
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    Las Vegas - somewhat employment related...

    Hey Sorry to bump this old thread. AMR Vegas is hiring for paramedics with decent Bonus right now. Has anyone worked there in the past couple years that can provide updated information?
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    What was your first 911 call?

    If I remember correctly, it was a lady who crashed her mobility scooter. Very USA