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  1. NomadicMedic

    Advanced level psychomotor tests are going away

    In 2023 the national registry has announced plans to sunset the advanced level psychomotor exam. That means that advanced EMTs and paramedics will no longer have to perform a skills exam at the conclusion of their program. Skills will be verified through the portfolio process, the same way...
  2. NomadicMedic

    Skip Kirkwood resigns from NEMSMA

    I saw this start on Facebook last week and am impressed that NEMSMA cut ties so quickly. Dear NEMSMA members, On Friday, July 2nd, several members made the National EMS Management Association's (NEMSMA) leadership aware of comments made on social media by Director-at-Large Skip Kirkwood. The...
  3. NomadicMedic

    Ted Setla

    For those of you that have been around EMS for a while and were involved or interested in EMS blogs and social media, you probably know about Ted Setla. He was a paramedic in Alaneda County CA with AMR and was the videographer for the Chronicles of EMS, Beyond the Lights and Sirens and the movie...
  4. NomadicMedic

    HazMat paramedics

    Is anyone here involved with HazMat as an ALS provider as part of your primary job responsibilities? I recently became part of my county’s HazMat team, recruited to help develop new programs. I’ve had AHLS for 5 or 6 years now and I’ll be attending the NFA “ALS for HazMat Incidents” course...
  5. NomadicMedic

    Everyone is a paramedic.

    Have you seen that the American Paramedic Association and the NEMSMA are pushing to change the nomenclature to call EVERYONE paramedics? In an article about COVID-19 vaccination guidelines, it states, "These guidelines are also among the first to incorporate the latest international professional...
  6. NomadicMedic

    Dying patient left on apartment floor thoughts?
  7. NomadicMedic

    NREMT ALS Representatives

    Any NREMT ALS Exam Representatives here? I'm taking the class on Thursday.
  8. NomadicMedic

    Are EMS providers hated?

    Do you really believe that EMS providers are “hated”?
  9. NomadicMedic

    MPA or MPH

    I’m about finished with my BS and looking to jump into a post grad program. My goal is to move into a senior administration position and I’m torn on if I’ll stay on the regional/state admin side or if I’ll move to a chief of service. I’d like to hear thoughts and opinions on post grad...
  10. NomadicMedic

    New NREMT site

    The new NREMT site goes live on Tuesday 1/19. Just a heads up if you’re logging in to add CE hours.
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    What does your agency do to prepare someone for a leadership position?
  12. NomadicMedic

    What drives you?

    I had a long conversation yesterday with an EMT that works for my service. He’s a really good guy. Mature, with a lot of life experience. He’s been dissatisfied with the job for the past month or so, and has been pretty vocal about the fact that he wants to quit or move on. We sat down...
  13. NomadicMedic

    OneScope VL

    Did anyone play with this one yet? We're getting one to try. Our King Visions are getting a bit long in the tooth.
  14. NomadicMedic

    What reactionary measures has your state enacted?

    Right now Pennsylvania is running a “recertification special”. If you expired after 12/31/2014, you can log in to the DOH portal and request a reactivated license, no test or skills validation required. No questions asked. You’ll receive a provisional license good until October. At that time...
  15. NomadicMedic

    NREMT Extends recertifications

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians today announced two important modifications to the current recertification cycle for Nationally Registered EMS personnel. The National Registry's Board of Directors approved a motion extending the...
  16. NomadicMedic

    Personality assessment

    I am curious if any agencies require a personality assessment prior to employment or prior to a promotion. Maybe a DISC or Myers Briggs? What’s your experience with this?
  17. NomadicMedic

    QI can be heartbreaking

    I just did a review on a cardiac arrest chart that was so mismanaged that I may have to request the doc pull the medic's privileges. I'm just disgusted.
  18. NomadicMedic

    Cost of EMS

    Every municipality wants paramedics, right up til it’s time to pay for paramedics.
  19. NomadicMedic

    Systematic Review of Prehospital Airway Management

    I got this email this morning... thought I'd share. Seeing the beating RI Cardiacs are taking, it seemed apropos. Public Input Requested as NHTSA and AHRQ Kick Off Systematic Review of Prehospital Airway Management Key questions will drive the review of published research...
  20. NomadicMedic

    65 year old female

    It’s a warm day, about 85 degrees. You’re a paramedic with an EMT basic partner and you’re staffing an ambulance with all of the standard ALS stuff on board. You are dispatched to a sick person. It’s a bravo level, non emergent. You arrive on scene to a well kept single family home. A neatly...