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    Staffing Configurations

    I'm looking for a dose of common sense here... and life outside the bubble where I work. I come from the world of Taxachusetts where double-provider staffing is supposed to be the norm (2 EMTs for BLS and until a few years ago, 2 medics for ALS). If staffing with less than two paramedics...
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    How do you document v4r?

    I am a newer medic, and continue to read EKG blogs and books, in hopes of keeping my skills up. I've cared for several obvious STEMIs recently and a few less obvious, and seem to be juggling a lot of monitor paper for my documentation, which begs a question: Can we "tell" our monitor we are...
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    What IS the role of the AEMT?

    As more states work to implement the AEMT education and SOP standard as an addition to, then replacement to I/85, I'm hoping to learn more about how it's used elsewhere. We have relatively few Is and they are used almost exclusively in rural or semi-rural towns, for Fire departments that may...
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    Veebot: the robot phlebotomist, taking over our jobs?

    This article from IEEE just popped up on my reader... about a machine that identifies veins using infrared light, maps the best one using software, then confirms using ultrasound. It then performs the veinapuncture, and collects samples. Right now, it has an accuracy of ~83%, but they are...
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    View all recent threads?

    I'd become reliant on the "New Posts" link at the top, until I found Tapatalk's "Recent topics timeline"-- showing all updated topics, chronologically, no matter if i've read them before, or how old. Now, i'm looking for a similar feature online. On 'New Posts', I can't re-read anything that...
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    At what point do you intervene (DKA with suspected metabolic acidosis)?

    From a recent patient, and coming off a discussion in class, and hoping to pick the brains of our experienced and wise members. Hypothetical patient: 26 year old DKA, sugar "HI", otherwise healthy (no pulmonary disease, other PMH). Presenting with uncontrolled DKA and rapidly decreasing...
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    Textbook author Dan Limmer's 5 tips for passing the NREMT(-B) Yes, it's the Dan Limmer who is first author on the "Emergency Care" series. This is his website for exam review and educational philosophy. Good Luck!
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    How can incentives lead to better care?

    Me again, on my policy kick. I'm one of those people who thinks that almost anything can be done for the right incentives, or bribes. Those bribes could be a bonus (money) for doing good things, a demerit or (penalty) for doing bad, a slap on the hand, a cupcake, and so so much more. We...
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    Incentives to not transport codes?

    I'm a bit of a policy wonk, and doing research for a paper... so pouring through medicare payment documentation, and hundreds of pages of dense rules... fun, no? Right now, i'm working through the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual (Chapter 10 for those interested). Here we have talked about...
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    On driving lights and sirens

    Particularly in light of the recent EMSA crash, I have been re-thinking lights and sirens driving considerably. I would like to share some of my thoughts/rants, and get your responses. We've had pieces of this discussion before in different places, but i'm discussing a new approach. I will...
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    How much schooling do you have?

    We chronically complain about the levels of education (and/or training) in EMS, and how providers need more than just 110 hours of Basic class and a thousand or so of medic classes to be good providers. There have been many suggestions here that providers need courses in psychology, sociology...
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    Physiological effects of Oxygen

    Yes, one more oxygen thread... but I hope this one is different. I've been scouring the interwebz and this forum for true academic discussion of the prevalence of free-radicals and not found much. I've turned to a friend who is particularly adept at physiology, and as an EMT, tries to put Oxygen...
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    RIP Paul Frontiero

    EMT Paul Frontiero was murdered earlier this week outside his home in Nashua, NH while trying to help two neighbors who were being attacked. It...
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    Heat Wave 2011

    Here in New England we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave right now... this picture was taken just a few minutes ago in Central Massachusetts... My company and many municipalities have addedd extra trucks, public cooling stations and are telling the public to stay inside. Us new englanders...
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    Fire/Municipal services turfing distant/undesirable calls?

    As many know, I work for a fairly large private service, almost entirely PB (as the basic driver on an ALS truck). I am based in a mid-size urban service, but we are frequently in many of the surrounding suburban communities. We're pulled for calls by the municipal department fairly often...
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    NCEMSF Meetup?

    If any forum members are at NCEMSF, shoot me or Jon a PM, we're working on a meetup tonight. Dan
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    Hats off to Magen David Adom of Israel, ZAKA, Israeli Fire Service!

    I'm not normally one to post fire incidents, but this is a widespread national emergency affecting a large EMS system. Within the past 48 hours, a terrible fire has hit the hills outside of Haifa, Israel. Firefighters from all over the country and region are working hard to fight the blaze...
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    Do you follow road warnings?

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    Kelley Grayson on EMS Forum Behavior

    In light of other discussions going on now, it seems only fitting to share AD's column on EMS1 on EMS'ers comments on the web-- on youtube and fora (forums). Interesting read. Comments?
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    O2 admin in cases of ETOH and AMS

    I have a clinical question I have been pondering for some time, have spoken to my supervisors about, but would still like to hear more opinions about. I'm presenting the thoughts and ideas in no apparent order, just the order of my decision-making, and it's likely I answer my own questions, but...