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    For sale: 1 Stargate

    I am selling a Stargate. This is not a joke... but with my father moving to Florida I've lost my storage space. If you're in San Marcos, CA (or willing to drive, no shipping...), please feel free to make an offer... I'll take pretty much anything reasonable for it...

    PA vs. Med School

    ...and since we're generalizing, any difficult decisions gets punted to medical control anyways... so go to medical school where you really get to treat patients... instead of following cookbook protocols. :cool:

    Adult Table (Real World Issues)

    So after another perfectly good conversation got shut down for being too tangential, I thought we could use a thread like the Directionless thread to continue said conversations. If this was Thanksgiving dinner, this thread would be the adult table (hence the name), where mature topics can be...

    EMTLife Vitals Hall of Fame

    What's the highest vital or lab values you've seen? I once had a CCT where the patient walked into the ED with a BGL of 1500. Recently admitted a patient with a BNP of 66,000.

    What Should We Call EMS

    In light of Tumblr accounts like What Should We Call Med School and What Should We Call Me, I figured we could have an EMT Life version.

    Confidential Consult

    So... in light of this recent locked thread, why not start some sort of official "Confidential Consult" forum such as the one over at Student Doctor Network? The basics is that people can either post a thread or PM a moderator. However all posts have to be approved, so before a new thread is...

    Dear NREMT Forum...

    Here's the answer to half of the threads there.

    Fire Chief sued for dropping the kids off at the pool

    A Pell City attorney filed a lawsuit against the city of Odenville, Regional Paramedical Services Inc. and former Odenville Fire Chief David Davis on behalf of a mother of two premature stillborn infants who were allegedly flushed down a toilet by an emergency responder. According to the...

    EMS Blog

    So... I've finally broken down and started a blog up. I'll definitely still stay posting on the forums and all, but it will be nice to have a larger place to comment. EMT-Medical Student
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    Awake intubation and needle cric.
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    [Patient's child on dispatch radio] First they came for the ATC'ers, but... This, along with the air traffic controller who let his children "direct" traffic, is a sad statement on the state of the nation and the amount of hand waving freakoutry that goes on. For those that haven't heard of the...
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    Just a friendly reminder to wear your seatbelt
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    Forum slow for anyone else?

    Is the forum slow for anyone else? Ever since I changed my signature and avatar it seems like my connection to just this site has slowed significantly and I keep getting a "server is too busy" error message, if I don't time out completely. Strangely enough, all of the problems go away when I...
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    I can haz caterday?

    No caterday thread? I can haz now, k thx?
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    Is it fair to discuss posters in terms of their avatar and user handle? Should posters be careful what name they choose and what avatar they display
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    A&P for Paramedics/EMS

    Just curious, why the heck does EMS think that it needs some sort of "special" anatomy and physiology course and that it's too good to take the same anatomy and physiology courses that the other health care professionals take?
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    CAAS and Medicare

    A new topic regarding ambulances and JCAHO brought a question to mind. Would EMS be better served if Medicare would only pay to CAAS accredited services similar to how hospitals have to have JCAHO or AOA accreditation to receive medicare payments?
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    Time to evacuate Southern California

    :excl:Advisory for residents of the communities surrounding Pomona. I will be attending Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine starting next year. You have been warned!
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    Orange County, CA to introduce private service paramedics. Call for comments.

    So Orange County, CA has decided to start allowing paramedics to operate on private company, interfacility ambulance units. Prior to this point, the only paramedic provider allowed in the county was the fire departments running 911 calls. Private companies used EMT-Bs (EMT-I [one]), RNs, and RTs...
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    Hi everyone, So I'm finally getting a bunch of interview invites for med school and will be traveling the country over the next few months. If anyone wants to get together for lunch or something as I'm traveling, let me know. Current travel plans: Kirksville, MO (AT Still University)...