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    Getting your foot in the door as an EMS instructor

    Does anyone have experience as an EMT, Paramedic. or Health Science instructor? If so, how did you get your foot in the door? Was it AHA card classes to gain experience or another way ? When (if ever) in your career did you gain your NAEMSE Instructor Certification? If you taught at a community...
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    Where do you carry your stethoscope?

    Hey Guys, For those of you who bring a personal stethoscope with you while on duty, where do you carry it? Personal Bag? Neck? Cargo Pocket? Other? I've been keeping mine in my personal bag and then shoving it in my cargo pocket if I think I'm going on a call where I need it. The problem with my...
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    U.S. Paramedic to British Columbia Canada

    Hi Everyone, I saw a few posts about Canada to U.S. and vice versa, but the ones specific to Vancouver and BC were a little dated. Hoping to gain some info on how hard it is to get a job, the visa process, and reciprocity. Looking forward to some feedback, pointers, lessons learned, rumors...
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    Whats cooking in the international contract world 2019?

    Hey guy's, whats cooking in the international contract world in 2019? I'll post a few updates on rumors and contracts that I'm aware of. Feel free to post some of your own information. UAE - National Ambulance Company lost the primary public emergency contract a couple years back. CEO left...
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    BEST EMS Job/Agency in 2019?

    Inclusion Criteria: Official EMS agency which hires paramedics and or EMT's nationally or internationally Exclusion Criteria: Cannot be "dual role" such as HSE and Paramedic or Fire Fighter and Paramedic or police officer and paramedic. Must be exclusive EMS. Based Upon 1. Pay 2. Benefits 3...
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    When the boy's don't wanna hydrate

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    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) DMAT Paramedic

    Hey guys, I recently accepted an on-call paramedic position with HHS for the DMAT team and started the very slow on boarding process. I applied one year ago, got a tentative job offer letter a couple weeks ago. I signed my oath of office a week ago and today I got my security check form. It...
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    Primary 911 ALS within commuting distance from Seattle?

    Hey guy's, I just moved to Seattle. As you may know, all paramedics in Seattle must go through harborview paramedic program, or they are not allowed to work in Seattle. BTW, 14 years of prior EMS experience = zero experience with medic one for wages :-(. A a result, I'm looking for the closest...
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    Best state paramedic card for living outside the U.S.

    As some of you know, I am an overseas contract paramedic living abroad with no true permanent domicile for almost a decade now. Aside from the NREMT, contracts and health authorities sometimes require that I maintain a state license or certification back in the U.S. Whats a good state license to...
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    Dual role HSE/Medic questions

    I am hoping someone with some experience in HSE (Health Saftey Environment) who works in a dual role as a medic can provide some info. I have noticed many remote medical postings looking for dual certified providers. Many of these postings, including offshore and onshore natural resource...
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    Cayman Islands EMS recruiting

    Could be a great opportunity for U.S., UK, or Canadian paramedic.Tax-Free, good pay, and not the middle east or a war zone! If anyone applies and gets hired, please update us and don't forget me! I may apply one day...
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    Ukraine OSCE mission

    Hey guys, I am heading to Ukraine on the OSCE mission. Has anyone worked this contract and can provide any useful info, tips, tricks, or just FYI information?
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    RX safety glasses on the job

    Is anyone using prescription eye protection on the job? I'm looking for clear RX safety glasses mainly for ballistic protection in a tactical environment, but also to provide protection from bodily fluids during patient care. I have been looking at 5.11 wiley x and oakley. Most wrap around eye...
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    EMS Agenda 2050

    In case anyone may be interested, "The EMS Agenda 2050" is now accepting applications for the technical expert panel. Applications close at the end of this month. For those who are unaware, this is the follow-up to "EMS Agenda For The Future"
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    Traumatic Cardiac Arrest 7.5% survival!?

    Whats your protocol for traumatic cardiac arrest? Do you work them? I found 2 studies published this year, which boast certain population groups have 5% and up to 7.5% survival rates. Thoughts? Sources:
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    A lot has changed since the forum was created. Like medicine, things are constantly evolving. One thing is the fact that paramedics have dropped the EMT nomenclature not only nationally, but pretty much internationally. NREMT-P no longer exist. EMT-P is becoming fairly rare and is now just...
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    How will Trump effect EMS?

    Not trying to be political here. I am just looking at this from a neutral and EMS specific standpoint. How do you think Trump being elected will affect EMS? I read an interesting article on EMS1 regarding it (link below) and one thing that was mentioned was that APA will be scraped. The APA...
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    PALS 2015 entirely online?

    I was just browsing the new PALS 2015 guideline course, and I am not sure if I am interpreting it correctly but it appears you can complete the entire course online now? Including skills evaluation? I see there is a classic classroom option and an interactive video/ online option? Can anymore...
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    TCCC, TECC, ITLS, PHTLS, TP-C, Acronyms everywhere

    Hey guys, I am hoping someone can provide some clarity for me regarding "Tactical EMS" and Prehospital Tactical themed Trauma courses. I am having a hard time differentiating them First off, Let me start with what I think I may (or may not) know. 1. The BCCTPC (aka IBSC) offers the Tactical...
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    If you could work at any EMS company or agency in the U.S. ...

    If you could get on a plane tomorrow and get your dream job in EMS, who would it be with (Excluding fire fighter jobs or dual role jobs, single role clinical only) .Obvious factors would include pay, hours and shifts, retirement and health benefits, equipment, protocols, co-workers and...