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    Guardian EMS Dallas/Houston

    Guardian EMS is currently seeking Paramedics for our Dallas operation and Paramedics and EMTs for our Houston operation. We offer competitive salaries, in-house CE, paid time off and health insurance. 9, 12 and 24 hour shifts are available (assigned by seniority). For more information...
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    Is anyone using Actiq (the fentanyl "lollipops") in the field at the EMT-I/AEMT level? Looking at possible options. Thanks.
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    EMS Education, Outdated Ideals and "Common Sense"

    I'm going to ramble/rant a bit so bear with me. We discuss EMS education a lot on this board, mainly in the context of curriculum. While I think we pretty universally agree the curriculum is deficient, what if the primary issue is not the curriculum but rather the instructors/educators...
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    IV Opiates

    Currently revising the Clinical Operating Guidelines, and inserting options for pain management because of shortages. What's everyone carrying (besides morphine and fent) opiate wise?
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    Moving Backwards in Trauma Care? I've been under the (apparently mistaken) impression we were moving from MOI as a determiner and that the Golden Hour myth was dead. Thoughts?
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    Guardian EMS Training Academy EMT Class

    Guardian EMS Training Academy is hosting an EMT-Basic class in Carrolton, Texas starting June 27th and running through October 24th on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6pm-10pm. The cost of the class is $1,200, this includes books and uniform shirts. Please contact Cody Loving...
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    How to Keep From Putting Your Blinders On

    As my H&P skills have become more refined, I find myself struggling to seriously consider other differentials seriously in the face of the likely issue. For instance, last night we were sent to a SNF for altered LOC. I walked in the door suspecting UTI. I got handed lab results that indicated...
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    Songs that take you back (and where)

    Had a long discussion in AMLS class the other day about glutamate and long-term memory formation. One of the things mentioned was sounds and how they can cause to instantly recall things. "Complicated" came on the radio this morning and I was instantly transported back to summer semester in...
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    If your patient is supposed to have tidal volumes of 500mls

    ...and only 250ml is being delivered by the vent because your bumping your max pressure, wouldn't be prudent to either bag your patient or at least up your pressure limit while you troubleshoot? Rather than make your patient have the appearance of a guppy out of water and spike their CO2 through...
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    Trainwreck #6

    I know it's been a few months, but a recent case deserved a posting. CCT unit, dispatched at 0200 for a transfer from a smallish ICU to Big City Medical Center 20 minutes away. The only info you've got is the patient is "trached and on drips". On arrival you find a crowd of people with a...
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    To those of you carrying ketamine, how is it supplied? Thanks.
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    Android ePCR software.

    Anyone know of an ePCR system that works with Android-based tablets? Looking at some options. Thanks
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    Mayo One crash. Three Dead RIP. Correction, it was not Mayo One, rather a 206 chartered for organ collection
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    Average cost of a new Type II?

    Doing some research. Anyone know roughly what a brand-new Type II on a Ford or Chevy cost?
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    Trainwreck #5

    Not a call run by me so some details may be off. BUT....your working on yet another CCT truck with a basic partner in a metro area. Your dispatched to the local ED for a 23 YOF with acitve labor and PROM. On arrival you find the patient in a standard ED bed, 27wks G6 TPAL 1-2-2-3. The...
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    Trainwreck #4

    So life has curb stomped my ability to post here lately, but I'll try to get back on track. Your on a ground CCT unit in a metro area and are dispatched to a LTAC ICU for a 64 YOF post-arrest going to major-university hospital ICU across town. On arrival you find an unconscious, intubated...
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    At the upper levels of Allied Health/Nursing, are we really all just clinicians?

    The school nurse thread got me thinking. I have considerable knowledge overlap with nursing and other allied health disciplines. I study from their books, I seek out various providers opinions, ect. So I pose this question to the forum. Among the high-performing individuals in a given health...
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    Usalsfyre's Train Wrecks #3

    Been a heck of a week, I know this one's a little late. It's not as train wreckish as the last one, so I'm sure y'all will get it quick. Dispatched to a 32 YOM c/o chest pain after a traumatic injury. Pt was playing hockey and took a hard hot against the boards. You find a tall, thin male...
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    usalsfyre's Train Wreck #2

    I appologize, it's two days late but I got my gluteus handed to me Monday at work and was on Dad duty yesterday. So here goes.... You are working overnights as part of a double medic truck in a city of 100k. At appx 2200 you get dispatched just outside of the city limits to a MVC, report of...
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    usalsfyre's Train Wrecks #1

    So I thought I'd try something new, I know it's been done before, but we'll go for another round of it. Once a week I'm going to post a scenario. Anyone with case ideas feel free to PM me. It's 1800 in the middle of the week, your the medic on a Medic/Basic CCT truck in a rural city with a...