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    Do you carry ammonia inhalants

    Last night, my crew was dispatched to a 14 year old unconscious. we arrive, and my captain starts doing paperwork, while I start assessing the patient. hx of migraines., but hasn't taken any meds for it. the physical assessment looks good, nothing super alarming, a quick look at his eyes...
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    EMS Training Officer Alamance County, NC Full-time - $48,465.00 - $77,546.00 Annually

    Job Purpose Work includes preparing and conducting training classes in various phases of emergency medical work, such as Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) skills, special equipment training, and extrication. Work also includes instructing departmental personnel in the...
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    Heads Up CPR

    Heads up CPR... anyone using it? good/bad/snake oil claims?
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    Hospital Divert

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    25 ALS rigs, crews deployed to N.C. to help with COVID-related calls The following North Carolina counties are receiving ambulance crews: Charlotte/MEDIC (5), Brunswick (2), Franklin (2), Graham (2), Guilford (2), Macon (2), New Hanover (4), Pender (2) and Robeson (3)...
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    Florence Kentucky hiring emts/paramedics

    Additional information from poster on FB: Florence is an extremely fast-growing area which has had exploding run volume the past few years. 3 stations, with running 2 engines and a 78' quint full-time, a battalion chief and 3 medic units. Like anywhere, they are struggling to find and keep...
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    Estimating patients' weight

    The following is taken from the lawyer for the McClain family: While not going into the McClain tragedy, one skill I have always lacked throughout my career is estimating a person's weight properly. And yes, I have asked people their weight, to get an appropriate dose of weight-based...
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    Last Week Tonight: EMS in the US

    John Oliver explains how emergency medical services function in the U.S., why they can be so expensive, and what we can do to fix things. Fair warning: explicit language is used!!!!!
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    The EMS Today 2022 Call for Presentations is now open!

    Got this in my email today, figured I would share in case anyone was interested We are looking for innovative sessions our attendees won’t find at any other conference. EMS Today 2022 will happen in National Harbor, MD on February 22-26, 2022 DEADLINE EXTENDED FOR SUBMISSIONS: JULY 2, 2021...
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    Caught on camera: Firefighter draws gun on driver at highway scene in North Carolina

    Not something I would recommend anyone doing; the only thing I can think of is she tried to hit him with her car, or started driving towards him when they had the road shut down after he told her multiple times to stop. I don't see this ending well for the FF, but I would like to hear his side...
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    Negotiate Salaries - Use simple strategies to negotiate and increase or double your salary in the next 3-12 months!

    First of all: this is not spam, I am not selling anything, and I am getting no financial bonus from anyone who signs up for this class. And I am in no way affiliated with this class Second: if you are looking for some instant double your income, get rich quick scheme then this is not the...
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    Two leg amputations after 'incomplete' assessment by paramedic

    A Paramedic and EMT team arrived at the scene and assessed the man's leg but did not remove his sock. They decided not to transfer him to hospital. The next day, the man awoke with severe pain, a blue foot, and required two amputations to his leg. "this incident was adversely affected because of...
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    It's almost Tax Day!!!

    While April 15th is traditionally tax day, due to COVID the deadlines has been pushed back a month. So I am starting to work on my taxes (ugh 🤬 ) and it's every bit as exciting as it sounds. right now it looks like i'm getting a refund from both the state and feds (wahoo!), but I'm only...
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    NAEMT PHTLS course questions

    Questions for all y'all. I recently completed a PHTLS class (after letting my old cert expire, so I had to do the complete class), and wanted to ask a couple of questions: 1) has anyone actually used the rolled up blanket method to remove someone from a motor vehicle? it seems to work pretty...
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    NC boosts vaccine workforce by allowing EMTs to administer shots My biggest takeaway from the article:
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    Newer iPhones Disable Implanted Defibrillators

    While not entirely EMS related, it is medically related
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    Man accused of sexually assaulting FDNY EMT released without charges

    Here are the highlights from The man accused of sexually assaulting an FDNY EMT during a three-alarm blaze last week has been released from jail without...
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    How often do you do in house "training"

    simple question... I know in the fire service, training is typically done at least once per shift (in theory anyway), but I haven't seen the same thing happen in EMS. And I don't mean FTO time, I mean once you are fully cleared and credentialed. At my last FT EMS job, we did training...
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    What has changed since you started?

    Question for all the dinosaurs out there (and while the dinosaur criteria is typically 20 years as per, I guess any person who has renewed their cert a few time can contribute): what changes have you seen to the general EMS practice since you started? I'll start...
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    'Hundreds' of FDNY EMS workers could face layoffs

    highlights from the article: Also remember, this is the same mayor who said EMS didn't deserve a livable wage because #theworkisdifferent read the entire story at