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  1. STXmedic

    Phoenix FD PAs

    I was recently told that Phoenix FD is putting a handful of Physician Assistants on ambulances or fly cars, but I've been unable to find anything confirming this. Does anybody have any insight on if this is accurate, and if so, information on the program and their utilization?
  2. STXmedic

    Acute jaundice

    One of the other threads got me thinking of a call I ran a while back. Unfortunately I don't have all of the details to this call as it was probably five years ago. But maybe someone smarter than me has some ideas. Got called for a general "sick person" a couple years ago. Upon arrival, an...
  3. STXmedic

    Site not loading.

    Is anybody else having trouble loading the website (any part of it)? For the last week or so it seems like any page on the site will only load about 50% of the time. The rest of the time, my browser states the website could not be loaded. For example: Home page will finally load after the third...
  4. STXmedic

    Convincing a patient to be transported

    A recent comment made me curious. What's the longest you've had to stay on scene to try to convince your patient they needed to be transported? What made you so concerned? And were you successful? I'll start. Mine was 3.5 hours. We had a gentleman in his mid 90s who was sharp as a tack, lived...
  5. STXmedic

    PC Notifications

    I used to get email notifications whenever I received a PM/PC. I'm no longer getting said notifications. I haven't messed with any settings, and I can't seem to find an option to allow email notifications. Did something change, or am I just blind?
  6. STXmedic

    Questions about clicking on page number

    Seemed like it would be a good idea to have a catch-all thread for any questions about the new site. I've got one to start: When accessing the site via mobile (not using tapatalk), is there a setting to make a thread load to the most recent unread post. For example, if I click on the...
  7. STXmedic

    Krokodil "The drug that eats junkies" It's essentially desomorphine plus a hydrocarbon. Curious if this drug is going to pick up steam in the US. It looks and sounds pretty brutal. To the members from across the...
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    VetiGel Anyone heard of it? Sounds promising, but lets hear some perspective on potential cons of it. Google Scholar didn't turn anything up. I don't have access to PubMed or Ovid right now, either. Would be interested to hear any studies on it. Supposedly it's going to be initially...
  9. STXmedic

    Internal Hemorrhage and Polyurethane Foam

    Has anybody heard of it? Any of our military guys actually been exposed to it? Thoughts?
  10. STXmedic

    Wound Packing

    Quick background: Our police department is experimenting with teaching all of their officers, not just the tactical medics, on treatment of trauma with immediate life threats (for example, all of the officers are now carrying a tourniquet). The question was brought up about high groin/axilla...
  11. STXmedic

    Continuum of Patient Care

    So I've noticed that many of my co-workers lack an appreciation of how sick some of our patients really are. After making 8 abdominal pains in the same shift and never seeing any kind of diagnosis, many of these patients just become "trolls" in their eyes. They fail to see that the 70yo...
  12. STXmedic

    Diazepam and cluster seizures

    So I had a call recently with an elderly female patient who was presenting with her second grand mal seizure on our arrival, per FD. I started a line and gave her an initial 5mg diazepam*, which appeared to terminate the seizure. While we were getting ready to put her on the stretcher...
  13. STXmedic

    It's raining sheep! I would've died laughing :rofl:
  14. STXmedic

    Anybody out of a job?
  15. STXmedic

    Bad situation. What would you do?

    Alright, quick background. My station (different shift) made an 18-wheeler v sedan on the highway. Sedan ended up under the trailer of the 18-wheeler, dragged for ~800', then caught fire. 5 passengers in the sedan, mom and 4 kids. All 4 kids were able to make it out when they came to a stop. The...
  16. STXmedic

    Must-read texts

    Veneficus gave me this thought. What are some different texts/literature that are some must-reads for advanced care providers (even if beyond the standard scope of paramedic)? Veneficus mentioned Robins and Coltran Pathological Basis of Disease, so what are some more? Pathophys, cardiology...
  17. STXmedic

    Dual Paramedic v. Medic/Basic

    Hey everyone! First off, I'm new to the forum, found this site yesterday and became addicted.^_^ There are some GREAT perspectives on here that I look forward to hearing; and I apologize in advance if I excessively pick your brains ;) Okay, on to the topic. I work for two companies. I'm a...