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  1. ZombieEMT

    Patient Advocay

    Since day one of being an EMT, I have prided myself on being an advocate for my patients and community. New Jersey offers a different approach to EMS with its tiered system. The issues I have observed is that many EMTs are afraid to advocate for themselves or their patient, because they are...
  2. ZombieEMT

    ACLS for an EMT

    I currently operate a small training company, only offering levels of BLS and HeartSaver (and some other unrelated stuff). I want to expand my availability of courses. My next thought would be for ACLS. How difficult is an ACLS course for an EMT?
  3. ZombieEMT

    EMS Assessment Pad

    Does anyone have a quality assessment pad to record assessment and demographics? I am trying to have some made up for one of my organizations and we can not find a decent one. We have tried the Rite in the Rain pads, as well as Portage large blue pads. The portage seem to be too large. If...
  4. ZombieEMT

    Connecticut EMS

    I am just looking for some information on the EMS system in Connecticut. I will be moving to Connecticut from New Jersey over the some. I have already looked into reciprocity, but I just want to get familiar with the system that is used. For example, in New Jersey, primary EMS response is...
  5. ZombieEMT

    EMS Jump Bag

    I have been tasked with the responsibility for replacing our current two jump bag since with a single jump bag. Currently we use one bag that carries oxygen and oxygen supplies. Th other bag is BP cuffs, trauma supply, and misc tools. We have seen several single bag systems, but are trying to...
  6. ZombieEMT

    IFT calling 911?

    Has anyone here ever been called out on a 911 to find an IFT ambulance on location, that does not want to transport or refuses to transport the patient? This seems to be a regular occurance in my area. Many times, we have the IFT ambulance show up and call 911 when the patient experiences a real...
  7. ZombieEMT

    AutoVent in EMS

    I was wondering if anyone has used and can provide their experiences using an autovent in an EMS setting. In IFT vents are used frequently and settings generally match hospital/respiratory settings. What about EMS? In my volunteer department, we carry the AutoVent 3000. They are very easy to...
  8. ZombieEMT

    New EMT

    Hey Everyone - A friend from high school who nows lives in north Jersey has just took the next step and became an EMT. He asked me if I knew of anything in the area but I am from way south Jersey. Anyone have any idea of anyone hiring EMS or IFT in North Jersey? He was interested in McCabe...
  9. ZombieEMT

    Overdose or Seizure?

    27 year male patient found unconscious and responsive. Patient's father started CPR prior to arrival (father reports patient did not stop breathing). Upon arrival, patient is found conscious, alert and oriented (confused as to certain events) ambulating in the living room. Patient appeared...
  10. ZombieEMT

    Permanent Partners

    I was just curious as to how many people have permanent partners? What do you like or dislike about them? Do you prefer permanent or changing? Background about me, is that I work for two companies. One company does primary EMS (only non-emergent is mental health transfers from ED). Here, I...
  11. ZombieEMT

    EMSCharts SyncPad

    I had a question in regards to EMSCharts with Syncpad on the iPad. I can not seem to find the right answer through EMScharts website. The general info states that you need an EMScharts subscription, does this mean just your regular EMSCharts account? I am trying to figure out if this is a...
  12. ZombieEMT

    5.11 Tactical Responder BLS 2000 Bag

    My department is looking to combine our two jump bags (Airway and Trauma) into one. The 5.11 Tactical Responder BLS 2000 Bag is our current top contender. Does anyone have any feedback, from experience with using this bag?
  13. ZombieEMT

    Restocking from Other Units?

    So one of my biggest pet peeves is restocking from other ambulances. This is a big problem that I originally saw at my volly squad, with 7 ambulaces. People would rather just steal from a nother truck then to call a supervisor when out of stock. I currently work full time witha company that...
  14. ZombieEMT

    Light or No Lights?

    I would like to get an idea how EMS runs in different areas and your opinions on Lights/Sirens. What does your department consider as an emergency run vs non-emergency or lights vs no lights? A little background on this is I work with three different organizations that run three different...
  15. ZombieEMT

    E Dispatches

    I am looking on information on electronic dispatches via text message/email to smart phones. The volunteer department I work with has been using codemessaging but I was wondering if anybody knew a cheaper but similar service. The company I am employed with is looking to do the electronic...
  16. ZombieEMT

    Vambulance vs Box

    I apologize if this is a repeat thread, but I was wondering if anybody actually prefers using van ambulances opposed to box type. I know starting my career, I worked for a department that ran 5 boxes and two vans. The two vans were only used in all calls and special events. Most people...
  17. ZombieEMT

    How do you decide where to transport?

    I currently volunteer for an organization that has about 6 hospital within a 20 minute transport time. It has generally been our policy that we allow the patient choose where they would like to go. On occassion, if the patient's condition is severe enough, we take the privledge of choice away...
  18. ZombieEMT

    Capital Health

    I am interesting in hearing from anybody that has worked as an EMT for Capital Health in Trenton. I have a job interview for an EMT Per Diem, and was curious to how their per diem works. I know that some places are simply, when need you are called. I also know some places require a certain shift...
  19. ZombieEMT

    CEVO Training

    I am trying to find more information about the CEVO training program. My departments requires CEVO to gain driver status and get promoted but I have heard different things about CEVO. I see CEVO, CEVO II, and CEVO III. What are the differences? Is CEVO III just a more advanced version of CEVO or...
  20. ZombieEMT

    Job Shirt

    I was wondering if anyone has a link to a site where I can get an EMS job shirt, that identifies me as a medical professional. It can be something as little as the star of life, but it is a requirement. Embroidery with name would be a plus, but not required. I would appreciate any help.