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  1. ViolynEMT

    Scotland EMS

    Are there any EMS folks on here from or in Scotland? I'm going there soon and would love to pick some brains. I will be gentle.
  2. ViolynEMT

    Cover Letter Woes

    I've searched this site and Google for ideas on how to compose the best cover letter. This is a second career for me. The first career did not entail applications and cover letters. I have so many ideas swimming around in my head and would appreciate any tips that can be given to help me focus.
  3. ViolynEMT

    Has anyone ever been stalked?

    I recently worked a freelance gig at a huge church function. The second in command as far as security was to be my contact person. He was walking the campus and I was posted. At one point he came and chatted with me. Nothing in particular. Just about life in general. When the job was over, I...
  4. ViolynEMT

    EMT's For Southwest Going on Strike?

    Hmmmmm. What say all of you? TUCSON, Ariz. — Union employees at Southwest Ambulance, a Southern Arizona company owned by Rural Metro, are considering a possible strike that could impact service. Members of Local l-60, the union that represents EMTs, paramedics and registered nurses, are...
  5. ViolynEMT

    ACLS or AMLS

    I went back to my former school to talk to my former instructor about some of the extra classes that are offered. First of all, I am an EMT. My instructor taught us some extra material that wasn't in the book. Material that is taught in the medic classes. I also did really well in the class...
  6. ViolynEMT

    Volunteer First?

    I'm thinking about volunteering while I'm looking for a job. It may take time to get my first job and I thought maybe that would be a good idea for both experience and for something to put on my resume. Thoughts?
  7. ViolynEMT

    Resume for First Job

    I just got certified and got my license a couple of weeks ago. I'm starting to fill out applications online and, of course, they want my resume. I can't use my old one because it only has music education/jobs on it. I know that I can list my education, but as this is my first job, I have...
  8. ViolynEMT

    New to the site!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the site and to the EMS community. I just passed the NREMT exam a week and a half ago and got my state license just under a week ago. This is a second career for me, but it's something I've wanted to do my whole life. I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of you and also...