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  1. Luno

    Deja Vu

    Damn, Stevo, it's been a while, I got necrosummoned by e-mail too... Hope all is well!
  2. Luno

    EMT-B to Army 68W or Navy Corpsman

    IIRC, you can still enlist in the Army as an E-4 if you have your NREMT cert...
  3. Luno

    Should Tactical Medics be armed?

    There is a much larger difference between PJs and medevac, firstly that the one is medevac and the other isn't... Now onto the rest, while the medevac helicopter is not armed the crew most definitely is if they are flying in a combat theater. Yes, standing orders were that medevac has an...
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    Should Tactical Medics be armed?

    Again, not quite accurate... Shooting back in such situations is defensive. As a military medic, you are assigned a weapon for defense of yourself and your patient. ;) Care to correct?
  5. Luno

    Should Tactical Medics be armed?

    What you said was... What you replied with was that if the weapons of medical personnel is used offensively, they lose their protected status. Again, not exactly the same thing... ;) So again, please cite law and applicability...
  6. Luno

    Should Tactical Medics be armed?

    Ok, I've gotta see this one... Please cite international law and applicability... ;)
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    Should Tactical Medics be armed?

    Based on their published role, I don't think that they are underequipped, they have a similar role to the model put forward by cypress creek many years ago of a warm zone existence and entrance only when called/escorted. I really like the emphasis on the planning and knowledge piece, it's...
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    Should Tactical Medics be armed?

    Yes, they should have the ability to protect themselves and their patient.
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    PTSD and Paramedic Research

    OP, in my few years in the field, I've found that one of the biggest "kick saves" is the original trainer (not the EMT/Medic school one) but the FTO that can help guide through what they're going to be going through. My first loss was 3 days on an ambulance, a 42 y/o female that I was looking...
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    Do you 5K? 10K? Marathon? Triathlon?

    Let's see, at least one half marathon every year for the last three, sprint triathlons (had to cut back to one due to work/life imbalance this year) but did 6 last year, and started getting into racing Xterra (offroad triathlons) last year. Still train like I'm racing, but my weekends are just...
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    Combat Life Saver/ TCCC count as CE?

    Did you instruct or just sit in on the course? If you did instruct/evaluate, you can be awarded CEs for that, you unit administrator, or in your case your MODS input NCO should be able to help with that one. Also, it is only going to credit towards some of the requirements, it won't cover OB...
  12. Luno

    New Study on Importance of Continuous Compressions

    I would hesitate to use broad, sweeping conclusions with regards to this survey. Especially since your conclusions are not supported by the study and transpose the 30:2 ratio with minimizing hands off time. And a point of clarification, there was a difference in outcomes, however it was not...
  13. Luno

    Stethoscope, more of a symbol than a tool

    Interesting topic, my two cents for whatever it's worth, I used cheap steths for about 18 months. But the day that it didn't do what I needed it to do, then I promptly went out and dropped a quarter of a paycheck on one that would. I'm a firm believer in not buying expensive gear until you can...
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    for a new combat medic...

    I know you other "docs" are gonna get these... I love me some Alpha Gator...
  15. Luno

    for a new combat medic...

    That's what the IFAK pouch is for... ;)
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    EMT-I Class Through the Army

    Ok, here's the deal with recruiters, make them work for you... The regulation that ACASP falls under is AR 601-21, Chapter 7, and prerequisites as found in DA PAM 611-21. At this time, I cannot find anything that shows a revision in AR 601-21, Chapter 7 or a revision for DA PAM 611-21. If...
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    I ride a time trial bike, aluminum frame, carbon fork, but I have 4 sprint triathlons and a half marathon on my summer race schedule...
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    Constantly Seeing Loved Ones As Patients

    This is NOT unusual for us, but this is what we were never taught. My recommendation is to get some help, stay away from the drug pushers, but talk to someone who has been on the "ride." It's not because we're weak, it's because our brain wasn't designed for the psychological trauma we get...
  19. Luno

    Anyone in 68w

    Your recruiter is going to hate me, but remember if you don't get anything else in your contract, and you get 68W, remember ACASP, and make sure that it is in your contract, it's worth more money and more rank.
  20. Luno

    Tactical EMT Class

    And unfortunately, this is where the ignorance begins, I would recommend some TC3 long before anyone decides they should be a "tactical medic." Concern for the patients in their "life or death" crisis only lasts as long as I do not have a "life or death" crisis. There also seems to be a...