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  1. Phillyrube

    EMS Mnemonics (memory device)

    I was teaching police First Aid, being a cop and a medic. In place of DCAP-BTLS, we used DOTS: Deformities Open wounds Tenderness Swelling We were dealing with cops, heheheh.
  2. Phillyrube

    Radio license to use EMS comms?

    Used to be an agency license specified a set number of transmitters. I believe it had something to do with the skip that would happen with VHF/UHF. Moving into the 800 range, and then digital took care of the skip issue.
  3. Phillyrube

    Private EMS Companies-Their Biggest Problem?

    I worked for a hospital based EMS service, only 5 trucks, but we doubled as ED techs, emergency management and MCI. We had just started doing community medicine, following up on 'problem' patients, documenting failures to followup or fill prescriptions. Contracted with a couple other local...
  4. Phillyrube

    Mind over matter

    Ha! I've had a cough for like 3 months. Doc tried everything, still had it. Sent me for a CT and then to an ENT. He snuck a scope down and saw some irritation, set me up with a GI doc. Just had that today, so I'm mellow in a post propofol daze. Something called silent reflux, a result of...
  5. Phillyrube

    Is the Fentanyl Problem Overstated?

    I likes propyfol, having had 3 lower borescopes and having an upper later this month. What I don't like is it seems to take forever to clear out, once awake. I feel wiped out for 6 hours after the procedure, although I wake up feeling pretty good, no effects then. An hour later, ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.
  6. Phillyrube

    Is the Fentanyl Problem Overstated?

    Ok, I'm not getting it. I wasn't there, so can't say. I've used fentanyl for a couple years and never saw these types of responses. Are we sure it's fentanyl and not another chemical suicide...
  7. Phillyrube

    Gurney ops and moving patients

    No, too thin, bend really easy. They are designed so a patient on sheets can be slid, virtually no friction, from a bed to a litter, litter to bed, etc. The small slide board can be used, let it take the weight of the patient at his butt, while you slide the sheet from head and foot.
  8. Phillyrube

    Gurney ops and moving patients

    Moving a patient from the gurney to the bed using a sheet. Ok, do it the hard way. Most of us are lazy.😅
  9. Phillyrube

    Gurney ops and moving patients

    Slide board. We always kept one on the box. If you're at the facility, there's always one of these around:
  10. Phillyrube

    NREMT-P Decals

    Those are the baby **** brown ones that fade. Looking for the original glitter decal.
  11. Phillyrube

    NREMT-P Decals

    Patches I got, looking for window decals. Thanks
  12. Phillyrube

    NREMT-P Decals

    Anyone have anything, old style glitter decals?
  13. Phillyrube

    Is the Fentanyl Problem Overstated?

    Interesting article.
  14. Phillyrube

    Your opinion of police officers.

    Ok, as a cop and a medic, I have had issues on scenes involving school buses. Someone taps the bus from behind, first arriving EMS unit calls for 5 more boxes. Why? Kids can't refuse. Huh? If the kid says he's not hurt, he doesn't need to go to the hospital. I kept pounding that. into...
  15. Phillyrube

    Hampton Roads, VA????

    Virginia Beach has a volunteer/career EMS system. I did 40 years with them. Was working at a local hospital but their transport system was bought out by AMR (and they are not happy with the results). Suffolk has some volunteers, but mostly career. Isle of Wight County has part time EMS as...
  16. Phillyrube

    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) DMAT Paramedic

    Congratulations! I started into DMAT in 2004, right about the time it left FEMA and went into HHS. The slowdown started. Used to be you were hired onto the local team then started the fed process. Took me to 2 years to get deployable. While waiting I did local drills and stuff. Made a few...
  17. Phillyrube

    NREMT-P Expired

    Agree, thats about all I had to do. It was the requirements that the private companies put on. Now, I agree that I can't just hop on the box, but the hour requirements, preceptor time, was a bit much. You don't see that in other health fields.
  18. Phillyrube

    NREMT-P Expired

    First time in 36 years, I am no longer NRP. Retired from EMS in 2017, freshly certified as NRP. 32 years ALS, 3 years ALS in Virginia before that, and 1 year EMT-A from the Navy. Why did I keep it so long? Always thought (and hoped) NREMT would become a clearinghouse through which I could...
  19. Phillyrube

    patients with carry permit

    In the patient compartment of the ambulance. We called it the box. NY calls it the bus.
  20. Phillyrube

    EMS Research Study

    Hey, Becca, did the survey. retired Virginia paramedic (40 years).