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  1. Phillyrube

    Surgical Light in the Box

    Any agencies have one installed? Conversation came up recently, was wondering if it could be done.
  2. Phillyrube

    Fords Virus Killing Setting

    Something new from Ford: a wuhan virus killing setting. 133' for 15 minutes. Now, have you ever seen the inside of the average police car? Spilled coffee...
  3. Phillyrube

    Italy EMS

    Thought I'd post some shots from Florence, Italy. EMS in Italy is mostly volunteer, with a couple core paid EMTs. No ALS on the box by it self. ALS is provided by a doc and CCRN or paramedic equivalent arriving in a chase car. Photos taken outside the church of Santa Maria del Fiore, the...
  4. Phillyrube

    Lost a Medic

    Condolences to his family and coworkers.
  5. Phillyrube

    Military Thread

    Who is / was military? Retired Navy Chief, did 20. Started out as an ASW aircrew, changed rates to fix little yellow trucks on the flight deck. Totally unrelated to EMS, right? Was a volunteer firefighter in high school, and joined volunteer department while stationed in Virginia. Retired...
  6. Phillyrube

    Job Openings in DC?

    Never saw the movie, may have to look it up since we're on house arrest:
  7. Phillyrube

    Ranks in EMS

    Ok, who's who on the scene. This is from a beach town, combo system. Firefighter: guy with full turnout gear, standing there going "uh-oh" ( a bunch of them standing there is the "Uh-Oh" Squad. First Responder: crisp pressed Royal Robbins trousers, crisp pressed white shirt, ball cap, shined...
  8. Phillyrube

    Things to Do During the Wuhan Flu Outbreak

    Im cruising local craigslist and flagging people selling toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Im cruising local craigslist and flagging idiots trying to sell motorcycles in motorcycle parts section to avoid the $5 fee. Sitting on the corner with binoculars looking down the street. Cars driving by...
  9. Phillyrube

    No Ambulances Available

    Not really, we just wont say that over the radio so the press can ask us why.
  10. Phillyrube

    Grey Death Heroin

    Anyone hear of this?
  11. Phillyrube

    911: Lone Star

    Why do I bother? Turned it off after 30 minutes. NYFD?
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    Post up your favourite war story.
  13. Phillyrube

    EMS Changing Names

    Not sure what to make of all this. Some people want to change EMS, since a lot of care being provided, like intrafacility, paramedicine, etc, is not really emergency. Take a read and comment. IAFC is against it.
  14. Phillyrube

    This Has Gotta Hurt

    Believe this happened in Australia. Never run from the law. Hopped a fence into a construction site and.......
  15. Phillyrube

    City Trauma Care

    Interesting article from my old hood. We used to carry a few tampons for just this purpose.
  16. Phillyrube

    .....Responding From The Bar!

    Interesting story out of LA.
  17. Phillyrube

    Lots of Portable Lights For Sale

    Got some lights left from my thinning the collection. Located in cnetral Florida. Maxabeam Gen 1 Searchlight. Tad too big to haul on the bike, but if you're a boater or doing search and rescue, this is the ticket. You've seen it in Hollywood: Jurassic Park, Demolition Man, and don't forget...
  18. Phillyrube

    NREMT-P Decals

    Anyone have anything, old style glitter decals?
  19. Phillyrube

    Is the Fentanyl Problem Overstated?

    Interesting article.
  20. Phillyrube

    NREMT-P Expired

    First time in 36 years, I am no longer NRP. Retired from EMS in 2017, freshly certified as NRP. 32 years ALS, 3 years ALS in Virginia before that, and 1 year EMT-A from the Navy. Why did I keep it so long? Always thought (and hoped) NREMT would become a clearinghouse through which I could...