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    Haix Airpower R2, size 12, brand new

    For sale is a brand new never worn pair of Haix Airpower R2 boots, size 12 medium width, brand new without the box. Link below for full description. These are super comfortable boots that last forever, and are great for Fire/EMS/HEMS. $225.00 Price is shipped to lower 48, Paypal, VENMO. Retail...

    Hanging up the flightsuit

    Well the time has come to hang up the old helmet and flight suit. I have taken a job (most likely my last job) as a Career EMS Supervisor / Lieutenant with one of the local county government start up systems. This opportunity was unexpected, but presented itself at just the right time, and the...

    Survival Flight Ohio Fatal HEMS crash

    Survival Flight out of Mount Carmel Hospital in Columbus Ohio crashed this morning enroute to pickup a patient. I believe they're in a 407. Limited details at this time but 3 fatalities have been confirmed :( RIP crew...

    Magazine Subscriptions

    Anyone here subscribe to any decent magazines that are worth it? Can be EMS related on not. I enjoy reading actual copies of magazines vs. digital or Podcast, and currently get EMSWorld, Vertical 911, and Backpacker. Anyone get anything else they enjoy?

    Name your top 10

    Another thread got me thinking about this. Name your top 10 air medical programs in the nation that you would consider working for. No right or wrong answers but just curious at how many people stay up on some of the top players who are really doing cool stuff. Mine would be in no particular...

    Worst thing in your time spent in HEMS

    Well, had a really crappy shift yesterday. First time in my career where I had a dislodgement of a therapeutic device while on transport, other then maybe 1-2 IV's over the span of about 14 years. Shift started out awesome with a good shift brief first thing in the AM and I was working with a...

    NRP Recert via Con-Ed

    Can National Registry make recert any more difficult? They now have 3 different models for recert, and having just taken the exam the last two recert recycles I am a bit out of practice of NREMT recert via the "traditional model" and am planning to recert via Con-Ed. Between ACLS, PALS...

    Let's talk socks

    So I feel like I have trialed about every brand sock on the market from Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Smartwool, etc in search of something that A: doesn't make your feet sweat B: is any color other than white C: stays up most/all of the shift and isn't constantly falling down. Haven't had a ton...

    Duke HEMS crash

    Duke LifeFlight H145 down, 4 confirmed fatalities :( No word on potential cause yet. They were patient loaded for an IFT mission when they went down.
  10. CANMAN

    Awesome injury pics thread

    One of the guys in the scenario thread posted some great pics of a man vs. train incident, and got me thinking that we don't have an awesome injuries thread. I am sure most of us like to see cool and unique injuries, so post them up. I also use images for lectures while teaching. *DISCLAIMER...
  11. CANMAN

    AMTC 2014, Nashville TN

    Anyone from the board going this year?
  12. CANMAN

    SUNSTAR Paramedics

    Anyone work for them? Looking for some information about their program. Seems like they have their hands in alot with the All Children's contract, TEMS, etc. Looking for some feedback on how they take care of their people, and what the pay steps are, and if they give you anything above whats...
  13. CANMAN

    Ohio peeps check in

    Whats up guy, Looking at the possibility of relocating to Ohio, mainly looking at the Dayton/Beavercreek area but am willing to commute for a decent job. I know a little about the area, used to live there when I was in Junior High School, but since have moved and know little to nothing...
  14. CANMAN

    Any WellSpan Health PA medics??

    Have a question or two about your program. Looking to see if anyone on the forum works here.
  15. CANMAN

    Priority 4 patients (DOA) and your agency?

    So I am just curious as to how other states, departments, etc go about pronouncing a patient priority 4 on location and what requirements must be met. Also as a provider what assessment findings do you obtain before calling someone a priority 4 ie: just a pulse check or do you place a 4 lead and...
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    Unable to reply to a specific thread

    What would cause me to be able to login to my account, post this message and replies to other threads, but not be able to reply to one certain thread???:rolleyes: CANMAN,
  17. CANMAN

    MD part-time or possible full-time positions?

    Having issues with my current part-time employer in regards to scheduling and looking to move somewhere that actually needs people to work. Anyone have any comments or suggestions/good feedback on anywhere that is looking for people? Current EMT-P working F.T. as a ALS provider for a county...