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  1. PotatoMedic

    Free CCP-C/FP-C class

    This came across my Facebook feed today. Starts this Thursday but it is a free 100 hour course for critical care medicine. Sign up if you are interested. I'm hoping to attend as many as I can.
  2. PotatoMedic

    EMS Director

    If anyone is interested in a director position. Closes real soon.
  3. PotatoMedic

    Online Conference

    I saw this posted. Free online EMS conference. Offering CEU's. Link opens a document.
  4. PotatoMedic

    Community Paramedic - Certified

    Does anyone here have any insight or experience with the IBSC's CP-C exam? I was reviewing the content outline and though my program covered some of content I feel there is some information I'm missing. Know of any study material? I'd rather not dump 500 on a test just to learn it and take it...
  5. PotatoMedic


    Anyone ever done the TPATC course? What is it like? I signed up for one with the two day in person portion. Curious about the in person days and how the testing works?
  6. PotatoMedic

    REMSA Flight Program

    I saw that REMSA is hiring a flight paramedic. No idea if they are just building a list or are actually hiring. Anyone know much about their program?
  7. PotatoMedic

    North Dakota FW Crash

    Sadly a FW went down today.
  8. PotatoMedic

    North Flight EMS (Michigan)

    Ok so what do people know about North Flight EMS in Michigan? I see that they do both ground and aeromedical. I see that they have a bunch of ground paramedic positions open, but I'm wondering if anyone knows how they hire flight positions? Do they only hire from their ground teams or do they...
  9. PotatoMedic

    Ada County Paramedics

    Ada County Paramedics is hiring B's, A's, and P's. Testing is early August.
  10. PotatoMedic

    IO, die-O

    Out medical directors sent this to us after saying we need to limit out IO use in the field. I have my opinions on this. What do you all think?
  11. PotatoMedic

    Falck and King county

    So I heard a rumour that Falck Northwest is trying to get paramedics in king county to do ALS interfacility transports. I'm reaching out to some friends of mine to see what they know but wondering if any of the king county folks here know anything about what is going on.
  12. PotatoMedic

    Gunnison Valley Hospital EMS

    Does anyone know anything about this service? I can't seem to find much about them. @Tigger @Summit
  13. PotatoMedic

    Falck Salem

    Anyone here work for Falck Salem? I'm trying to get a copy of the labour contract.
  14. PotatoMedic

    ALPS Study

    And it is out! Here is the long awaited ALPS study. What do you all think?
  15. PotatoMedic

    CISM/Peer Counseling Discussion

    It is good to vent and get things off ones chest. To talk to others helps decompress and promotes good mental health. Yeah I am wondering what happened too. But maybe he needed to just tell someone about the crappy call but also knows there is only so much he can say.
  16. PotatoMedic

    Welcome Rural Metro!

    I would like to be the first to welcome all you who work for Rural Metro to the AMR family.
  17. PotatoMedic

    Post school reading

    So I'm don't with medic school but by no means am I done learning. Since I kinda feel lost without a book in my hand learning something what does the peanut gallery recommend? I'm planning on getting Tim Phalen's 12 lead book since I know I learned very little about those. I'm planning on...
  18. PotatoMedic

    Washington State Approves Community Paramedics

    This just popped across my facebook page. I'm trying to find the text of the bill.
  19. PotatoMedic

    apneic oxygenation

    Here is a good article of something were being taught in school.
  20. PotatoMedic

    rural metro loses City of Salem, OR

    I already posted this in a different place but was wondering if anyone knew anything about what is going on. All I know is rural and am rare protesting the decision to change providers to falck. Anyone know more...