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  1. SandpitMedic

    Hurricane Ida

    Anyone here activated? DRT, DMAT, FEMA? I got the call but sadly could not get off work this week. Now just 7mph winds short of a category 5 storm, Ida is expected to annihilate the Louisiana coast this afternoon. Severe flooding and unsurvivable storm surge expected. All this to a place that...
  2. SandpitMedic

    My COVID year as a medic.

    I wasn’t really sure where to post this, so I figured here is as good a place as any. The pandemic brought me more experience and more growth both professionally and personally as one could imagine. I went on multiple contracts for COVID assignments that have rewarded me richly down many...
  3. SandpitMedic

    EMT arrested for Molotov spree This dude is crazy.
  4. SandpitMedic

    Air Methods to pay out $78M in unpaid wages to CA employees Holy smokes, Batman! The plaintiffs (employees) will receive “$100,000 each, on average.” WOWZA! Plus they have to start paying overtime after 8 hours and double time after 12...
  5. SandpitMedic

    Hazard pay II

    This is not a debate for or against or a thread to argue the merits of “this is the job” vs “this is not the job.” But I’ll be damned... it might just actually happen...
  6. SandpitMedic

    Any states fast tracking medics with NREMT for state cert

    Hey guys. Does anyone know of any states that are fast tracking certification for paramedics with minimal hoops during this COVID thing or that already did prior to? I have my NR and CCT cert, just need a state cert/license pronto... thanks in advance.
  7. SandpitMedic

    Any leads on hiring for COVID 19 stuff for EMS?

    Looking to see what’s out there. I saw one from OnsiteOHS... anyone know of any other contract agencies that are spot hiring medics or EMTs? This is for COVID related jobs... not for AMR or your department.
  8. SandpitMedic

    Wallet card/wall cert

    Does NREMT still mail wallet cards and wall certificates for framing? My renewal shows approved for over a month now, but it says please print your new certificate. Budget cuts or do they send them en masse later?
  9. SandpitMedic

    Set Medics/Consultants

    Anyone have a line on movie and television production work as a medic or medical consultant? Has anyone done this work, either union or non-union? To clarify- I do not mean a private ambo/event company that does standby type stuff at on movies. Google did not turn up the information I’m...
  10. SandpitMedic

    Aeromedical Crashes/Near Miss Events

    Due to the nature of the work and the sad truth that these crashes are far too common, combined with related threads that are often spread out among the news, employment, lounge, and HEMS/AMT forums, I have created this thread for all HEMS/AMT adverse events. A single point for discussions...
  11. SandpitMedic

    2020. What are your goals?

    Happy New Year, all. It’s almost the end of the year, the decade, and the generation. 2020 is knocking on the door and will be here in just a few days. I am a proponent of bettering oneself, and I love to see others plan for and achieve success. What are your goals to improve or change your...
  12. SandpitMedic

    HEMS crash on X-Mas. Sick of posting this news.

    I mean... do military aviators crash this much? Commercial? Everyone wants to talk intubation being a hot issue and suicide prevention... Yeah, they’re issues, sure... BUT Here is an in-your-face issue that get swept away after a few weeks. Why in the **** are EMS aircraft always crashing and...
  13. SandpitMedic

    63 car pile up!

    How about that for a training scenario. Having to walk on cars to get to do your triage. What a mess!
  14. SandpitMedic

    Vertical light bars

    Y’all seen this?! Haha. I had to laugh. Wait until the whackers get ahold of these bad boys. Reminds me of a goal post... going for a code 3 field goal back at the station!
  15. SandpitMedic

    Merry Christmas!

    Are we allowed to say Merry Christmas still? Is it too early? I don’t care... Merry Christmas you savages. 🎄 And I hope 2020 brings you joy and treats you well. Be safe and be good to each other out there.
  16. SandpitMedic

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you’re working, be safe and try to find some good grub. If you’re not, enjoy the day of parades, football, and food with family and friends..
  17. SandpitMedic

    Hurricane Dorian

    Promising to be a walloping storm to FL and possibly the SE coast. Anyone here going on a team or live in the AO? Going as DRT/DMAT/USAR/other? Lots of resources are being prepped and deployed for Dorian. Stay safe and good luck. I wish I was going, but I’ll be sitting this one out watching...
  18. SandpitMedic

    CHS Medical now Caliburn?

    Anyone have the scoop on what happened to CHS?
  19. SandpitMedic

    Degree talk from the man who wrote the book on EMS.

    Dr. Bledsoe's recent article makes some great points here. He was my medical director for sometime in Las Vegas. It was interesting to bring him patients in the trauma center, being the man who wrote the very textbooks I studied in P school... Intimidating to say the least as a baby medic. I am...
  20. SandpitMedic

    FP-C renew question

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask those of you who have renewed your FP-C this year your new cert expires? My first one was 4 years, and this was my first recert. It says it doesn't expire until 2027. Is that an error or is it really good for eight years after your first recert? Granted, I had like 500...