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    Refusal after Narcan administration

    Hey yall, Recently I have had to review a case where a patient was reported to be UC/UR possible OD. Patient was given 1mg IN Narcan by a bystander and "CPR" was initiated. PD beat the ambulance to the scene and administered a second dose of 1mg IN, EMS arrives on scene patient is still not...
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    GTN for hypertension/Stroke???

    Hey guys, I am a QA officer at my base and I am reviewing charts and doing followups and here is the scenario. 65yo male called for headache and nausea. Crew gets on scene patient has high BP 240/140, HR 90, GCS of 15. Patient has a noted injury to the frontal region of his skull from a fall...
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    Applying for QA/QI, need ideas

    Hey guys! My name is Joe, a fellow trauma junkie. I have recently been given to opportunity to apply for a QA/QI position at my current place of employment. We run 700-1000 calls a month and its a single man position. The reason the position is open is because the last guy kinda "failed" the...