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    LAFD revises response to mass shootings

    In the same vein as the article earlier this month about dealing with active shooters, LAFD has begun training their responders to enter the warm zones with police protection and remove victims. I think it's a great idea, given that LA has the resources to properly train their staff in...
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    NYT Article on EMS Billing

    There's not much in here we don't already know, but I figured I'd share: Think the E.R. Is Expensive? Look at How Much It Costs to Get There I did enjoy it when they compared US ambulances to "essentially mobile emergency rooms staffed by highly trained professionals."
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    Prehospital Physicians

    Are there any systems in the US that utilize physicians in some response capacity? Whether it's a special case call out or a dedicated part of the response framework. I know Maryland has the Go Team out of STC and I think somewhere in Jersey has some physicians in the field, but is there...
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    Backboards...with padding

    I was lying in bed this morning, and like any self respecting EMSer, I was dreaming of spinal immobilization. Now, most people here (including myself) are deeply suspicious of the effectiveness of the B&C, but for better or worse it looks like its a procedure that will be hanging around for at...
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    Interesting article on certifications Much of the second half of the article is unrelated to EMS, but it certainly puts our low training hours into perspective.
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    Medic schools in the Philly area

    Basically what the title says. I'm out shopping for paramedic schools right now. I've been accepted at Good Fellowship Paramedic Institute in West Chester, and was wondering how it compares against the other medic programs in the Philadelphia area like Jefferson's program and the local community...
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    Do we REALLY save lives?

    Hi all, Maybe it's just my early semester blues hitting me, but during one of my weekly grumble sessions about one of my volunteer ambulance companies, I had a depressing thought. My college town's EMS agency is slightly old fashioned, boasting response times of around 10 minutes for calls a...
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    ALS programs near the Eastern Shore of MD

    Hi y'all, I am currently looking to upgrade my EMT-B to a -P in preparation to leave college and enter real life. I'm seeing if anyone had any experience with the CRT-I and EMT-P programs on/near Maryland's Eastern Shore. I've looked at Anne Arundel and Chesapeake Community College, and I...