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    women's petite pants

    Hello everyone does anyone know any places that I can order women's petite pants? I can't find anything!
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    Newest EMT (:

    Well everyone, about a week and half ago I took my practicals, and passed all but the medical, but I retested and passed it. And on Monday I took my written and passed that with an 81! Out of 15 people who took the test I was one of 5 who passed. I was taking the tests in PA, just at the state...
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    state practical TONIGHT!

    Hello everyone! Tonight is my state practical! I am taking it in PA. Random ur trauma station did u say DCAP BTLS the acronym or the whole thing? I am feeling decently confident and i know I can do this! Thanjs
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    Getting Nervous!!

    Hi y'all, I am new here, and next wed, the 30, is my state practicals, and june 4 is my state test! I am taking it in PA and getting nervous!! I know I'm smart and that I can do this, everyone tells me so. Anyways, my main question is, did anyone fail the first time? How many tries did it...