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  1. Epi-do

    Paramedics amputate man's leg to save his life

    Read the rest of the article HERE. That would be quite the run! I am glad I wasn't the one that had to make that decision, and can't help but wonder what I would do if I found myself in similar circumstances. Edit to add: Additional article with more details - Amputation Frees Pinned Trucker
  2. Epi-do

    Indianapolis-based ambualnce service ordered to shut down

    And people want to know why IFT companies get a bad rap. Even if these aren't the norm, they are the only ones that make the news, making it easy for people to then assume all of them are this bad.
  3. Epi-do

    Three injured in ambulance crash in Noblesville

    Three injured in ambulance crash in Noblesville Just glad to hear everyone is going to be ok!
  4. Epi-do

    Outdated protocols and medical director behnd the times.

    If I had any doubts about stepping back in time with my current job, they were erased last night. The medical director was the ED doc, so I asked him about a run we recently had. The run was a young, healthy, 20-something that didn't lift her foot up quite high enough when stepping out of...
  5. Epi-do

    Rural EMS

    What can you tell me? I have been in EMS for 14 years, but all of it has been in an urban system, working for relatively well funded services. My new job is in a rural area. While I am excited about the new opportunity, I know there is going to be a learning curve. I already know I am not...
  6. Epi-do

    Please don't hate me, but.... Accelerated EMT-B classes in Indiana

    My husband used to have his EMT-B cert, but since his job only required them to be MFRs, he let it lapse. Recently, a new company has come in and taken over his department. They have offered him a job, but a condition of it is that he be EMT-B certified by the first of the year. Since they...
  7. Epi-do

    Indianapolis area employment

    If anyone hears of any jobs in the Indy area, or south of there (Columbus, Bloomington, etc) please let me know. I may be looking in the very near future. I would prefer 911, and not private service, but if it comes down to it, a job is a job. Also, I know IEMS is always an option. I'm...
  8. Epi-do

    Medics worried about shortage of painkiller, other medications

    Must have been a slow news day around here. They are reporting on something we already are aware of. Medics worried about shortage of painkiller, other medications
  9. Epi-do

    Just a couple hospice pt/cancer treatment questions

    I admit that my knowledge of the ins and outs of hospice care is relatively limited. (my experience with my FIL being in hospice, limited training at work) Because of this, I have a couple questions I was hoping someone could answer. I also plan on doing some searching on my own to get some...
  10. Epi-do

    60-something male with difficulty breathing

    So I had this patient a while back that I wanted to get some opinions on. He was a 60-something fluffy white male. He was c/o difficulty breathing that had been going on all day. Today's episode began about an hour after he got up and it is now around 20-2100. He denied any pain, including...
  11. Epi-do

    71yoM c/o difficulty breathing

    Just wanted to get some input on this run. It was one we had a few days ago, and I can't help but feel as if I was missing something. We were dispatched around 0500 for difficulty breathing, and showed up at the address to find our pt, a 71yoM, sitting in the back seat of a car. His wife...
  12. Epi-do

    The stars have realigned, karma is balanced, and all is "right" with the world again

    Ever since I started medic school in Aug 2007, I have averaged at least one cardiac arrest per month. There were several months where I had two per month, and even a few occasions where I had two in one shift. Many of them were never worked, and of the ones that were, there were many that were...
  13. Epi-do

    Someone, please explain this to me...

    We carry lock-out kits on our ambulance. However, we are only allowed to use them if there is someone inside the vehicle incapable of unlocking the door - an infant, handicapped person, etc. Yesterday we get dispatched for a person locked in a vehicle. We show up, and there is a baby...
  14. Epi-do

    People make my head hurt!

    I honestly didn't know the questions I was asking a patient I recently had were that difficult to answer. Maybe she forgot to put a babel fish in her ear. It certainly couldn't have hurt for her to give it a try because it seemed like I was speaking a totally different language. She was...
  15. Epi-do

    Where on earth could an IFT ambulance be driving that it would need.....

    a brush guard on the front of it???????
  16. Epi-do

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    I recently transported a patient with rheumatoid arthritis that was having an acute flare-up with significant breakthrough pain. It was isolated to his L hip and was severe enough he was unable to bear weight on his L leg. I realized that RA is primarily an disease of inflammation a...
  17. Epi-do

    "Pull to the Right" PSA

    I had to participate in the filming of a PSA that is going to be shown statewide. Here's the links to the two different versions of it. PSA #1 (Fire Version) PSA #2 (Police Version)
  18. Epi-do

    Ambulance involved in crash on east side (Indianapolis)

    Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. I know there is a hospital on the corner of the intersection they were at. There are also three nursing homes relatively close to that intersection. Care is one of the private services in the area, and if I had to guess, they were most likely on...
  19. Epi-do

    Ambulance worker accused of sexual battery on patient

    And people wonder why we get no respect. With stories like this in the news, there is no wonder people don't respect or trust us... Ambulance worker accused of sexual battery on patient Rest of story HERE.
  20. Epi-do

    Let's Talk Monitors!

    What cardiac monitor does your service use? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? Would you recommend it? We are looking at getting new monitors for our trucks. We currently have Lifepack 12's. I know they are looking at the Phillips and the LP15. We have been asked...