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    when do you give saline?

    So my partner is always telling me to give saline when my pt is hypotensive, say 100 systolic. Im like, Im going to treat my pt, not the bp cuff. If my patient is running alittle low but has no other indications of hypoperfusion, such as tach or pallor or agitation or dehydration then I am not...
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    Is EMS an honorable profession?

    I think many people in healthcare believe they are doing good work but sometimes I wonder if EMS is doing good in the world, philosophically speaking. I ask because I have friends who are teachers and counselors and I wonder if I am doing good work like they are. What do you folks think? I am a...
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    Getting a job in CO

    Hi. I'm a new EMT in the Denver area with no professional experience, trying to get a job as an EMT or ED tech. I have recently added IV and EKG certification to my resume and was wondering what else might help me get a job. Is it worth getting an EMT-I for the ALS if I don't have time or money...
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    EMS LODD vs Fire/Police

    I wonder how many EMT-B/I/P's die in the line of duty versus fire and police personnel. Anyone have any stats or input?
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    Difference between IV cert and Phlebotomy

    So i am getting my IV cert and I was wondering if that would make me eligible for a phlebotomist position? I know they are different but my IV class has a phlebotomy section. What of it?
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    Positive TB skin test

    Hey, I just tested positive for TB via the skin test. I needed it to get my IV cert class. I was wondering, can you even be an EMT if you have a positive TB test?
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    Just got my emt-b! Cant get a job.

    Got a speeding ticket like two weeks after getting my emt-b which may make me inelligible for employment as an emt-b. Yay! And there are few jobs in my area, Boulder, CO anyway.
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    EMT/Medic school prices between states

    So, I was checking on EMT school prices in Colorado and they are like atleast 1500$ for emtb. I just moved here rom NC and out of state for me would be like 3000$. But in NC emtb was $65 and paramedic was only a few hundred. Does anyone know why the prices are so varied and if there is any way...