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    any advice for continuing education

    If you're ready to start paramedic and your life situation allows, I don't see any reason not to jump into it. If you're not quite ready to do that, then I think college-level Anatomy and Physiology I and II courses are excellent choices. Plus you can count 8 CEU hours for every college...
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    Drug Testing Before EMT-Basic Courses?

    In my EMT-B program (Alabama) we had to get drug tested and background check within the first few weeks of the course, prior to starting clinicals.
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    Anyone know of any Virtual Instructor Led Courses? I just finished their 24-hour EMT refresher package, of which 14 of those hours were VIL. But it looks like you can buy just a 16-hour VIL package for $179, or even buy individual VIL classes. I had no problems at all and NREMT accepted the refresher just fine...
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    good refresher course? suggestions

    For my recertification I took the 24-hour EMT refresher from here: I thought it was really professionally done, and it had the required combination of 10 self-paced hours and 14 instructor-led hours. I didn't have any glitches, technical or otherwise. Now...
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    EMT-B Practical Testing Centers

    I hate to suggest one way or the other to you, since I don't know the rule, or even if there is a rule. Nothing I've read says the Training Officer/Supervisor has to be EMS. I personally would be comfortable doing it either way. I just recently had my (non-EMS) VFD Chief sign off on my skill...
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    EMT-B Practical Testing Centers

    Are you sure you need a formal practical evaluation? I don't know specifically about the recert by examination, but if the "Verification of Skill Competence" is the same as on the normal EMT-B recert form , I think all you need to do is convince your training officer or supervisor that you are...
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    What do you use for a watch/timepiece while on duty?

    I know what you mean man. A lot of times I'd just end up counting off the seconds, instead of the pulse beats. :lol:
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    Having recently completed Advanced EMT, I was about to use my "advanced" knowledge to tell you you were wrong about the order of secondary assessment vs. vitals on trauma assessment, at least as far as NREMT is concerned. :) But then I looked at the skill sheets on their website. For EMR and...
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    Epipens and Twinjects

    I know awhile back (not sure how long back), a new style Epipen was introduced, the one with the orange shield over the needle end. Do you still see any of the old style pens out there unexpired? Also, I believe Twinjects aren't on the market any more in the US. Do you still see any of these in...
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    AEMT Registry written

    No, no EKG or cardiac drug questions, since those aren't in the national AEMT scope of practice.
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    Lost report of Lincoln assassination physician found after 147 years

    I thought this was a really interesting report about what transpired medically in the hours after President Lincoln was shot:
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    AEMT Registry written

    I took it a little over a week ago and passed, but I walked out of there with a lot less confidence that I had passed than I did with my EMT Basic test. Mine went to 135 questions and several others that I talked to in my class also had 135 questions. I guess it's possible that it really was...
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    AEMT Registry written

    It's 135 questions for everyone still, and you get 135 minutes to complete it.
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    If you get to question 135 on Registry what does that mean?

    For the Advanced EMT test, as far as I know everybody is getting 135 questions. Maybe it's the same for the I 85 test? Maybe that's because the AEMT test is so new they don't have enough data yet to turn it into an adaptive test. They're still trying to determine which are the hard questions...
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    state practical TONIGHT!

    I think you should plan to say it in full the first time, then use the acronym after that. One thing some places teach...When the evaluator reads the instructions and asks if you have any questions, you say "Before we start can I explain the acronyms I'm going to be using?" If they say yes...
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    NRAEMT Review

    I used this from You can set up practice tests on particular areas, or you can take full-blown practice certification tests. For each question you get the rationale for why the one answer is correct, and why the other answers...
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    abandonment or not

    Using an apostrophe in this case isn't necessarily wrong, although it's less common these days. Many style guides say to drop the apostrophe (EMTs), but not all.
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    Are there any 2 to 5 month EMT programs in Detroit?
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    Advanced EMT classes

    In Alabama the first class of the new Advanced EMT program at the local Comm College is in progress this Fall. Here it's a one semester program. You go to class 3 nights a week, for 4 hours a night, for 16 weeks. Plus 90 clinical hours. All that works out to 10 college credit hours. Not sure...
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    Re-cert first timer.

    If I'm reading that right, you CAN'T recertify if you're not actively working as an EMT.