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    Are EMS providers hated?

    Wow. This went off the rails.
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    tamper-evident security seal use in inventory management

    A real equipment logistics plan is far more involved than just adding seals. You need to inventory every item, package consumables in units that can be easily replaced and have a diligent logistics manager keeping the entire program on track. If you seal equipment, it should not need a check by...
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    My COVID year as a medic.

    Amazing how different the perception can be. I transported at least 50 COVID patients, many critically ill. A nursing home in my area was a COVID hotbed and had dozens of deaths. I know many people that caught COVID and several who died. It was certainly a bad year in that sense. I’m 50 and...
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    Everyone is a paramedic.

    I’m not particularly against it. It probably should.
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    My COVID year as a medic.

    My story is a little different, but turned out to be an incredibly rewarding year both professionally and financially. For much of the year I was employed as the education and quality manager for a larger EMS agency. I was running calls as a medic and got to see COVID up close, but I was also...
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    Everyone is a paramedic.

    Have you seen that the American Paramedic Association and the NEMSMA are pushing to change the nomenclature to call EVERYONE paramedics? In an article about COVID-19 vaccination guidelines, it states, "These guidelines are also among the first to incorporate the latest international professional...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Man, that “ignore member” thing is probably the best part of this forum.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    We opened the camper for the season today. Perfect weather for it.
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    Just did my emt exam and it went all the way to the last question!!!

    “A real vag punch?” Wow. You’re classy.
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    The current word is no, in the event that boosters are required, they'll use the "other" spots on that card.
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    Commuter car recommendations, details enclosed

    I work remotely now, but a day in my office is about a 70-mile round trip. I went three days this week. Luckily, we bought a 2007 Toyota Prius for commuting and it’s a game-changer. My Chevy 2500 would suck gas like a boozer at a bar... but the Prius is usually around 42mpg. It cost 3k for the...
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    ID question for NREMT Exam

    Look at the list of acceptable ID documents on the Pearson Vue page. Make sure you have a proper ID for online testing Please remember to review any program-specific ID policies on your exam program’s homepage prior to your appointment. General: All IDs must be valid government-issued in...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Cleaned out the training equipment room today. Discovered eleventy million ET tubes and a box of IV start kits that expired 11 years ago. A LP12 that didn’t have capno, 12 lead or NIBP but DID have actual paddles. Also an old Plano 747 chock full of old laryngoscopes from the old ALS practical...
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    Dying patient left on apartment floor thoughts?
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    Should EMS/Fire be armed?

    I don’t believe that most EMS providers would be able to meet the training and qualification standards required to safely retain and use a firearm. I believe arming EMS workers is a huge liability issue that EMS agencies should not have to assume. A provider carrying an unauthorized weapon...
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    Should EMS/Fire be armed?

    No, I think that firearms for EMS is an extremely polarizing topic, and that nobody will change their opinion, no matter what points are presented. This comes up in every EMS forum or group every few months and it always becomes a debate that degrades into something EMTlife won’t let me write. :)
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    EMTs and Paramedics: What would you change?

    Worst idea ever.
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    Should EMS/Fire be armed?

    The definition of argument is: a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong. And this is pointless because my opinion is that EMS providers should not carry a firearm. You believe they should have the option. Neither one of us is...
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    Should EMS/Fire be armed?

    Should physicians and nurses be armed? Should trash collectors, bartenders or librarians be armed? I think this argument is pointless... and can’t be won. Simply pointless. Asking this question is akin to asking others about abortion or religion or dems vs GOP. All this thread will accomplish...