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  1. MMiz

    Exchanging phone numbers with patients

    I wouldn't do it, it seems like a professionally questionable practice in this instance. Does your employer have a policy?
  2. MMiz

    Can you genuinely get Manual Vitals in every scenario?

    Absolutely not. What's a pedal pulse in the field? Like anything, it becomes easier with experience. Sometimes you have to stack the cards in your favor. Assess vitals before the rig is in motion, position yourself to minimize outside distractions/noise. If I were actively working in EMS...
  3. MMiz


    Off duty: Activate emergency response (911). Have friends/family with patient call the parent/guardian. On duty: Jim37F covered it. I see this a lot in my non-EMS job, both with adults and pediatrics. Our policy is to contact 911 for loss of consciousnesses and wait for EMS. Being slow to...
  4. MMiz

    Online paramedic refresher programs

    If you’re in NC I would absolutely get your 60 hrs, re-test with the NR, and be done with it.
  5. MMiz

    Online paramedic refresher programs

    Here is a directory of all being offered in NC. Here is an example of one. The TSOP is the Technical Scope of Practice Performance / hands-on skills test. NREMT is going to require one for an expired cert. Even when my job offered CEUs, I'd rather pay more to get them myself through an easy...
  6. MMiz

    Online paramedic refresher programs

    I don't have an answer to your questions, but I was surprised at how many community colleges in my North Carolina offered online Paramedic refresher courses for all of the hours with a TSOP evaluation included. Its usually half the cost of the commercial online programs.
  7. MMiz

    Program Disaster

    If you're like me, you don't want to pay for a lawyer. The cost, headache, phone calls, etc. I found calling my state bar's referral number and being connected with a lawyer super easy. Almost all will hear your concerns and give you a quick consult for free. I would be surprised if...
  8. MMiz

    Program Disaster

    That's frustrating! Have you: Followed the formal and informal complaint process? Filled out the California Community Colleges Complaint form? Filed a complaint with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges? Contacted George W. Hatch Jr. with the Committee on Accreditation...
  9. MMiz

    Is it possible?

    Maybe. The NREMT's policy outlines the details if your state requires NREMT certifications. It looks like physical assault charges may lead to disqualification. Their rationale states: Good luck!
  10. MMiz

    Can you renew PHTLS online?

    I noticed that quite a few places required PHTLS, which I find surprising.
  11. MMiz


    It depends. There used to be a much bigger stigma against tattoos in EMS. Today, not so much. Some departments or services may require you to cover any visible tattoos. Such policies seem to be more common in public agencies. I think you're safe with a small tattoo on your wrist.
  12. MMiz

    Anyone using Ultrasound?

    @TXmed Nice! What are your primary uses for the Lumify?
  13. MMiz


    Someone help me work through this. The Washington Post reports the reserve was exhausted in December. Pfizer reports to have doses on hand and expects no US supply problem. Many states are having significant supply problems. I see Biden says he's renaming "Operation Warpspeed" but don't see...
  14. MMiz


    I've been trying to digest this for a good hour now.
  15. MMiz

    Suboxone prescription

    I would take the drug test. If you test positive on your drug screening you'll need to provide the testing center a valid prescription for Suboxone. From there it should be a non-issue, though you may be required to follow up with your program. It appears as though you would be covered by the...
  16. MMiz

    starting part time EMT course in 2 months, what area of study should i concentrate on in the meantime?

    Welcome to EMTLIFE! My experience in EMT school was that we went through the textbook chapter-by-chapter. Get a copy of the textbook and start reading, taking notes, and making flash cards/study tools. Good luck!
  17. MMiz

    Anyone using Ultrasound?

    Is there any potential use to diagnose bone fractures?
  18. MMiz

    Anyone using Ultrasound?

    The Phillips Lumify looks like an impressive ultrasound device made for EMS. Is anyone using one?
  19. MMiz

    The Next Steps for EMS: Facilitating Telemedicine?

    Though the pandemic has been horrible in many ways, I'm a huge fan of the number of providers willing to transition to telehealth. Could the future of EMS include providers helping facilitate telehealth as a medical assistant of sorts?
  20. MMiz

    Request for Info on Green/Eco Friendly Ambulance

    I know this doesn't help, but I was thinking about this exact topic about a week ago when walking by an ambulance with the distinct diesel smell. After far too much Googling I noticed a few places had hybrid ambulances, ZeroRPM was a thing, but not much more. Lots of press releases, little...