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    HCPC UK PARAMEDIC to New Zealand ICP - has anyone made this move?

    Hi all, as per the title - has anyone moved from the UK to NZ as para? If anyone has managed it could I PM you?
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    UAE hospitals

    Theres this thing called a pandemic causing a few issues at the mo.. plus the salary and benefits here in the UAE have changed considerably. You may struggle to make it worth your while.
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    London Ambulance Service

    1. no and yes 2. expect a 14 hour shift
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    National Ambulance UAE you have a degree in paramedicine and two years post qualification experience? These are the new health authority requirements for paramedics apparently.
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    National Ambulance UAE

    As far as I understand nac are adopting jrcalc guidelines
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    EMS in England

    To the best of my knowledge: For a UK paramedic you need to have done a course that satisfies the Health Professions Council (HPC) - you need to be registered with them to work as a Paramedic in the uk. Currently this course can be provided/ Validated by the Institute of health care...
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    We were called to a man chain smoking ... Turned out they were Cheyne stoking
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    EMS in England

    I'm working in the UK!
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    additional reading

    Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Gerard Tortora is a good read!
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    Real CPR footage

    It's an ALS crew... I think you can see her attempting to cannulate later on in the clip. All our emphasis in the uk, even as ALS crew, is to deliver CPR and shocks.. Drugs come way down the list.
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    National Ambulance UAE

    I'd like to hear some pros and cons about this company - any PMs would be appreciated. Thanks