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  1. DHager

    Having Trouble Passing NREMT-B - Suggestions?

    Not sure if it has already been mentioned but, I downloaded an application off the Apple Store called EMT Review Plus by Limmer Creative. The App was $10.00 but helped astronomically in studying. I only used the App to study, no textbooks.
  2. DHager

    Getting hired AMR Colorado

    But they actively do Emergency Medical Services in these parts of the United States? In my part of KY they only conduct PT Transportation Operations...
  3. DHager

    Getting hired AMR Colorado

    Does AMR do more than patient transport in these areas? Wondering why it is so desirable to receive employment by AMR... I've never worked for them, just curious.
  4. DHager

    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    120 Questions, Passed. Just a tip; do not take the NREMT right before Christmas! My test was taken on the 23rd, I received my results on the 27th, you'll be waiting for a while for your results if taking the test right before any major holidays. Best of Luck to all whom are taking the test!