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  1. mikeylikesit

    Ride alongs.

    First off i searched and came up with nothing so here goes...:cough:KEV:cough: what do you guys and gals think about ride along and third riders? Are they more trouble than help? Do you have certain people that you like and other that you don't? i also thought that this may be a great place to...
  2. mikeylikesit

    Ambo Daycare center

    So I had had a 36 y/o male patient in the back of my bus today and he was accompanied by his 5 year old son. I had the patient hooked up to the LP-12 and was running through my assessment when I hear…beep…beep beep beep. The guy’s son was pushing the buttons on my monitor. I kept my cool though...
  3. mikeylikesit

    Pain free stick and shots

    I was wondering if any of you who work either in the hospital or EMS field are proficient at pain free IV and Shots. i have gotten to a point in the ER that i can do blood draws without the patient saying they felt something. the IV's i have heard can be done without the patient enduring too...
  4. mikeylikesit

    Bullet Vs. AED

    It has been in my mind for a few nights now and i can't seem to find an answer no matter who i ask or what i search for. My question is do you think that a Bullet logged in a persons thorax between where the pads or paddles are place for an AED or manual Dfib would conduct all of the electrical...
  5. mikeylikesit

    Tourniquet Pants

    so i was reading my latest issue of American handugnner when i came across a pair of these bad boys. these pants called the Warrior Wear Tactical I.T.S pants. these pants have four built in tourniquets on both legs one on each ankle and thigh, one hand self activation. so basically you activate...
  6. mikeylikesit

    Body Armor - Stab Resistant and/or Bullet Resistant

    So this question is posed to anyone in EMS,FF or Hospitals; do any of you, wear a stab proof vest while working. Now i know that i am going to hear a lot of "why would you need one, it's time to find a new place to work" but i wear one both at the hospital where i work as well as on the rig...
  7. mikeylikesit

    Name the Rhythm II

    Ok the last name the rhythm was not very good I know. Here is another one of a bit better quality. Enjoy and good luck!
  8. mikeylikesit

    Name the Rhythm

    Ok so here is the first installment of a game that is called name the rhythm. i thought it would be fun to do this as a game posting on Sunday and posting the answer on fridays. i would like it if we could trade off on sundays on who posts the rhythm. i see that a lot of people get into these on...
  9. mikeylikesit

    Guess the Rhythm

    can we do a section in ALS where someone posts a rhythm and everyone guesses it? every Sunday post a new rhythm and post the answer on Friday? i know that quite a few people have done it and i like it because it lets you bounce ideas off one another and can give you better understandings of...
  10. mikeylikesit

    To tell the truth

    There often comes a time when, during a call, your patient ask you a question out of fear or concern…so how do you answer them? For instance I had a call where a little boy lost half of his arm in a boating accident, on the way to the hospital with his arm packaged up next to me he looked up and...
  11. mikeylikesit

    Moms and Dads

    I got a question for you guys since i haven't seen it and since my supervisor states he will allow it. On take your kid to work day, do you ever let your kids ride with you? or is your agency against it? Just wanted to know cause it is kind of cool.
  12. mikeylikesit

    Faces behind the post

    hello all. i have seen this on other forums and i thought it would be need to bring this to EMT life. if there is already a post like this...let me know i suck at searching. Anyway, i thought it would be neat to see what the person behind the post looks like i'll get the ball rolling. now...