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    L.A. County EMS Told to Conserve Oxygen, Don’t Transport Patients with Little Chance of Survival

    This is exactly the issues, half the SoCal fire medics don’t want to be medics. They got their p cards to be a firefighter. They’re already pre burned out running bs medical aids and theirs tons of them especially etoh’ers.
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    I will say I am by no means extremely versed in the knowledge of vaccines but I understand the general principal of how they work. I self educate, maybe I need to do more on vaccines, specifically on Covid. But I do seek out things I generally do not understand for simple self betterment or to...
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    911 experience and paramedic school (oc)

    I will tell you this right off the bat, you will not get into saddle back without 911 experience. You will definitely not get in as they mainly only take candidates from fire departments that are sponsored. I frankly think it’s a load of ********. I applied and they only took 1 private (non fd...
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    EMT Jobs

    Care/falck also is in a very tumultuous time, after years and years of attempts they finally unionized this year, they have been trying since I worked there back in 09/10ish. They also had a 40-50% reduction in call volume when covid hit (informed by a friend who is an ops manager there) I...
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    I am opting not to get it, I don’t trust it, it was rushed with no long term testing. this may not be a well founded argument but I feel the first batch of people are the test for long term side effects. I don’t trust big pharmaceutical, they’re like politicians they’re going to lie cheat...
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    Active care ambulance oc/la question

    got a quick question for someone who actively works 911 side of care ambulance based out of Orange County aka falck now. If you could private message me I would greatly appreciate it
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    Bells vs stroke

    I very much error on the side of caution and unless outside our protocols stroke window activate it. Most strokes I’ve ran into have been very severe except for one which had was a middle aged man that had jarhon aphasia and no other symptoms
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    Bells vs stroke

    I learn something new everyday, it’s frustrating though when something is taught wrong. Fortunately it wasn’t my patient or anything of that nature.
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    Bells vs stroke

    sweet thanks I was assuming they were correct, but always like to double confirm Those were the two articles I ran across first that contradict what I was taught in school, I assumed they were both right.
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    Bells vs stroke

    Possible stupid question, but I’ve got mixed information on this, In medic school they taught us that if the patient is able raise both eye brows symmetrically it’s less likely to be a stroke and more indicative of bells ie: patient has slurred speech facial drop and unable to close one eye...
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    Any info on Guardian Ambulance in El Monte?

    I’d stay out of private ambo in la co, most especially ift companies you work with garbage equipment and are ran into the ground every shift. if you are stuck in that area try McCormick or care. But expect lack luster pay. Care I think is 16.xxhr
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    Job for new EMT in SoCal in San Fernando Valley Area?

    For the love of god do not work for Ambuserve.... that’s a sad sad sad place to work. I was a supervisor there for a year..... As far as I know lifeline is ift only, mainly based out of hospitals I highly recommend mccormick Care if you have more questions drop me a message
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    $20,000 sign-on bonus plus housing assistance

    Can’t count how many times when I was up there that calstar either was incoming Or taking off from big cottage. It makes sense to base them out of Santa Maria. There’s one near Solvang still right? The county unit?
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    $20,000 sign-on bonus plus housing assistance

    Santa Barbara is honestly one of the coolest places to work as a private medic for sure! fire is mostly bls and will carry your bags lift your patients and are super humble.
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    And old Ambulance turned into a Tiny home

    seen several rigs turned into essentially toy haulers for dirtbikes, and with storage and everything else its pretty genius plus plenty of room to sleep in once the bikes are out.
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    amr hemet

    was wondering if anyone has the low down on amr hemet division, i had thought about san diego but im not going to jump through extra sets of hoops to just apply for amr san diego and get their "medic worskhop" and county card pre hire. riverside seems just absolutely nightmareish from what ive...
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    Paramedic Refresher Course in Orange County/LA

    i used this for renewing my national emt, but also has a medic refresher course as well all online EDIT my apologies but the fine print at the bottom states it is not for those that have failed the cognitive exam more than 3 times.
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    NREMT study suggestions.

    my favorite app has been pocket prep, i used it through out didactic, clinicals, internship and passed first attempt at 76 questions, it works best using nancy caroline/jb learning books as it references the pages of which the answers can be found on.
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    FYI, Santa Barbara is offering PAID internships

    It’s only paid if you live there, I tried.... they won’t accept people that commute. But it was a pretty substantial sign on bonus ect