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    Massacre of firefighters in NY ignites debate over EMT, firefighter safety

    Massacre of firefighters in NY ignites debate over EMT, firefighter safety,0,6791366.story
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    Free slot in EMS-Self-Defense class

    ***ATTN: EMTLife Members*** I have a FREE slot for Monday and Tuesday in Branson, Missouri. If you would like to attend an EVE4EMS/Fire class and obtain 16 CEU's....... come on down! In return I would simply ask for you to write up a review of the course and help us spread the word...
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    EMS Self-Defense Instructor Course

    DT4EMS’ EVE Instructor Course December 3-7, 2012 Branson Fire Department Station #1 Branson, Missouri The DT4EMS/ EVE Instructor Course is a “Doctor Approved”, medically directed 40-hour course. It is both physically and mentally demanding. We strongly suggest candidates evaluate their...
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    DT4EMS' Start Some Good campaign

    After seeing some stuff about Start Some Good on the news, I thought I would check it out. My campaign is now live on StartSomeGood! Check it out, share the link around with your friends and contribute if you can so I can start some good. My idea is to be able to get businesses to sponsor...
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    Thoughts on Baltimore provider arrested for assault on patient

    Mental Preparation is as important as any physical skill you may possess. EVE trains 4 specific areas (hence the 4 in our name) Mental, Street, Media and Courtroom. I am not stating the provider here is guilty of criminal activity. I am using this as a training tool. Here are some things to...
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    Are EMS really Heroes?

    In a word....... Yes.
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    Some EMTs, firefighters want guns on job

    Here is an article that just came out in Dayton Ohio. I was interviewed for it. Now, to read more as to "why" I take the stance I do regarding arming of EMS, you can read the recent article Skip...
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    Chuck Norris doesn't learn. He already knows...

    These interviews are 100% legit. As you can see they are online, and have pictures attached. Therefore there is no need for you to dig further on the validity of these interviews. Awe shucks, OK, so maybe the interview was staged... and the stars "really" didn't stop by..... Just enjoy them for...
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    Mr. Miyagi stopped by.....

    (Image at bottom of post) :) So I got the chance to interview a legend. Here is how the interview went: Me: Hey, Mr. Miyagi, I see you are sporting the latest fashion for EMS Scene Safety. Miyagi: Hmmm, Kip-son, Miyagi-do now teaching to Tap That Twice. Me: Really? What circumstances would...
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    I'd Just Whack 'Em In The Head With The O2 Bottle

    A lot of people mention the O2 Bottle to the head as a self-defense tool for EMS. It is possible this could be "reasonable" if justified. This image should help with "reasonable". Just because you win in a fight (which EMS should never engage in a fight on the job, instead defend/escape)...
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    Two Things Every EMS Provider Should Know!

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    So........ about a week ago I was browsing Netflix and came across a documentary called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". I thought I would give it a looksie. I found myself inspired so I bought a juicer. I was wasn't looking to lose weight per se. I am in great shape, but I thought the idea of...
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    Ever wonder what people say about us "After" a class?

    A lot of folks "think" they know what we teach in an EVE4EMS class. But only those who have attended one really know. Here is a link to a few letters and comments. and then on this page....... an HR Director of a hospital, a LT with a major urban FD and...
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    Article Skip Kirkwood and I just did

    Here is a link to the article that just came out last week.
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    Media Coverage of our EVE class in Panama City Beach and the TV station:
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    I received an award at the Arkansas EMT Conference

    I was honored to receive this thanks to such an amazing group of folks with the AEMTA! In 1941, the Arkansas General Assembly created the Arkansas Traveler Certificate to honor out-of-state visitors, the first presentation going to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. These...
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    Zombie Apocalypse Escape Training

    ZOMBIE Apocalypse Escape Training- What to do to escape the initial ZOMBIE attack or the "patient" who is high on bath salts or other drugs in those precious moments before LEO arrives. Come see the proven safety tactics and escape skills taught in our EVE classes. Two Day Provider...
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    A letter I received

    I am humbled when I get letters like this. They prove to me we are on the right track.
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    DT4EMS/ EVE Instructor Course August 27-31, 2012

    Just a heads up :) Our next DT4EMS/EVE Instructor Course will be held in Branson, Missouri on August 27-31,2012. It will be at the Branson Fire Department, Station #1. The DT4EMS/ EVE Instructor Course is a “Doctor Approved”, medically directed 40-hour course. It is both physically...
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    A blog post from a participant

    Here is a blog post made by a participant of a class taught by our Denver crew. Some pretty neat pics