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    Dependable care ambulance shutdown-Los Angeles

    Dependable care ambulance base in Los Angeles with 5 or 7 unit have shutdown. Rumor is that Medicare ruled that many of their transport were not medically justified and demanded money back. Basically bankrupting the company and forcing it to close.
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    Elite ambulance got raided?

    I am hearing that Elite ambulance got raided, anyone hear anything about it?
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    Americare ambulance having financial issue

    According to LADOT insurance website, Americare haven't paid their auto insurance yet and it's subject to cancel on 12/28/2014\InsuranceBonds\InsBonds_Scanned_Files\Track4LA_Cancellation_Reinstatement\71204.pdf They owe 86k as their monthly payment. Anyone that is...
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    All town ambulance likely to be denied la county license

    Not sure if we got any members here that work for small company called all town ambulance but if we do I suggest you start looking for new job. Here is link to la county report on them and I must say this is thrully the first company that I am 100% sure will not survive this process...
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    Mauran ambulance about to be out of business?

    Anyone here works for Mauran ambulance in Los Angeles? There is notice posted on ladot insurance page from their insurance company that their insurance will expire on 8/27/2014 as result of non payment for auto insurance. Can any current employee comment on this...
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    Traslife up for hearing

    Translife is up for hearing at lacounty for their county license. Here is the link to the pdf. It's likely that they will get denied their license. They got just way too many issue. It's possible they will get...
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    What happened to good shepherd ambulance?

    Any former employee of good shepherd ambulance know what happened to the company? They appeared to be not every small company and yet they went out of business. Very sad to see that happen. Hopefully employees will get their last check. For anyone interested here is their bankruptcy filling...
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    Complete ambulance company being auctioned

    Got email today about this ambulance company auction, appears that everything is being auctioned.
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    Royalty ambulance up for lacounty license hearing

    Royalty ambulance will before la county ems board on December 12 for their county license. Looking at their application, it do not appear they will have much trouble being approved.
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    AMT Ambulance Licensing

    For those that considering getting a job with AMT it appears they are unlikely to get their county license. The document that was posted on LA County Website shows that they have way more problems compare to even...
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    Goodbye Mauran Ambulance, LADOT revoking all 14 permits

    If anyone here working for Mauran ambulance in Los Angeles, I suggest you look for new job quick. LADOT about to take away 14 permits from Mauran for repeated violation(s).
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    Patriot,ca ambulance getting shotdown by dot

    If anyone working here for Patriot ambulance that is located in Hawthorne, I suggest you get the hell out of quickly. They cancelled their auto polcy and basically are working illegally in Los Angeles now.
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    PRN adding 14 vehicle in LA

    Just got notice through ladot that prn will be getting permission to have 14 additional ambulance operating in LA. Those of you that are looking for work might want to check with them to see if they will be hiring soon.
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    Available emt jobs in LA ift company hiring

    Drove by Dependable Care Ambulance office today and notice they have a sign saying hiring emt's. They are IFT only, mostly bls and I think they also do some cct.
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    ambulance proposed regulation from LADOT

    Being that we have many members here that work in city of Los Angeles, i thought you would be interested in reading some stuff that ladot are proposing . Some of the stuff will have direct impact on you. This have not been passed yet, but just proposal...
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    For those of you in socal, ladot will stop accepting cash soon

    Heads up for those of you in Southern California/specifically l.a. area. LADOT starting on June 29 will no longer accept cash or money order. Check/Credit cards are the only payments that will be accepted.
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    Ladot to start doing i9 e-verify

    Got noticed today that LADOT will start on june 10 requiring companys to file i9 form when they are hiring new drivers/attendant. More of a heads up to those that in management/owners in la. For those that do get hired in la,make sure to bring appropriate documentation with you in order for...