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    One more day

    I am taking my nremt-b test this Saturday and extremely nervous. I have read the book backwards and forward, taking every practice test online, and reviewed the DOT standards site. I feel that I am ready just getting the pre-game nervousness :wacko:. Just praying I don't screw up somehow.
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    NREMT Practice Quiz Resource Thread

    I was thinking this might be a good thread to start up for those who come here searching for practice quiz's to help them before taking the NREMT. So I think I'll start off and if anybody has any other please add them. National Standard Curriculum (need adobe reader to read)...
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    Suggestions Please

    I am new to this forum and so far the advice I have read is great. I am scheduled to take my NREMT-B test this Feb. Overall I was confident as I passed the class and the exit exam easily, and I continued to study after the class was done and even registered for a online test...