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    ER Nurses make horrible Paramedic precepters

    Sorry, but its true. Finishing up my program I have done several hundred hours in the ER, and although there have been exceptions, by and large I found the ER Nurses useless in anything other than signing paperwork. No teaching, no precepting, frequent rude snotty attitudes, things like asking a...
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    Anyone work full time through Paramedic school?

    Has anyone worked full time while going through Paramedic school, or nearly full time? How did that work out for you? I work 32 hours a week and I'm wondering if its realistic to keep that up for the entire time. So far its sucked horribly but its been manageable. I work in a hospital and I...
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    student loan for paramedic school

    Im wanting to attend Paramedic school, but finances are an issue, especially since I live in a remote area that doesnt have a community college within a 200 mile radius. This means I have to relocate to go to school, which costs money and means giving up my job. Is it feasible to get a...
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    ER Tech training

    For those EMT Basics who work as ER Techs, how did you recieve phlebotomy and ECG training? Were these skills you already possessed, or were you trained by the hospital, and if so how did that work exactly, did you have formal classes? Who taught you? Im curious because I just applied for an...
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    NREMT recert

    I've been certified as an EMT-Basic with the NREMT for a couple years now. The only thing Ive ever used my license for is volunteering with the local medical first responders. We dont have a local volunteer ambulance service so I dont transport, just hold down the fort til ALS gets there, which...