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    Hey, just wondering if any of you are from south Florida and are looking for full time or even part time work? If anyone’s interested, please send me a message! Thank you :)
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    Social Media Advice

    Social media doesn’t kill careers, idiots who chose to engage inapropriately ruin their own career. MANY MANY people maintain social media and a job. If you choose to be dumb, you might have a consequence and that’s that.
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    CE Broker for continuing education

    Have any of you used CE Broker For CEUs? It was suggested to me by a few people as it’s apparently easy to use and prices very fairly.
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    Dream to become an EMT/EMS can my NON felony record stop me?

    Ah man, keep dreaming Corey. Resisting arrest and theft from what I have seen first hand has hindered many from entering a career in EMS.
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    Ranking system?

    I don’t work for an ambulance company, I work for a Fire Department and for us, it’s essentially: Fire Chief Assistant chief Battalion chief Captain Lieutenant Driver Engineer Firefighter/Paramedics
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    ET vs Laryngeal airway

    I agree with this. In cardiac arrest we attempt ET but typically end up with an alternate airway device due to the fact that in that specific situation, it works better. As for other cases, I junk it depends on protocol as to what you try first- ET or another device
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    Triaging down to BLS

    As far as my knowledge is concerned, we only have ALS departments in South Florida unless you work for a private ambulance company. I definitely think the option of triaging down to BLS would be very beneficial especially in the area I work because it is SO busy all the time so it would help...
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    No expiration date

    I cannot day I’ve ever seen and/or heard of this happening before but I did have a problem with mine initially as well and I gave it one week and it was resolved on its own so I didn’t have to call. I suggest waiting to see if it changes
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    Don’t ever give up a cert. It’s better to have it and not need it rather than potentially screwing your self in the future if you ever need it. Like someone above said, it’s easier to keep it than to go back.
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    Do you think I'm employable for EMS work?

    I think it might depend on where you’re specifically trying to get hired, but as far as I know, most departments, hospitals and other agencies look at ALL records and sometimes even the smallest things can set you apart in a negative way from another candidate who has no record. In my opinion...
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    Hello! Feel free to message me and we can talk!

    Hello! Feel free to message me and we can talk!
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    Life outside of EMS?

    I agree with this! I love my job in EMS as well and I’m very proud of it. Of course we all have lives outside of our jobs but like you, I think positively about my job when I’m not there and think of ways to improve the department or my own personal skills
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    Do you have a college degree, and is it EMS related

    1. Yes I have 3 degrees 1a. First degree was completed at the same time as I was getting into EMS 1b. I will complete my Masters Degree in Emergency Health Management in 2 months and I also have a Business Degree and a teaching degree. I have found all of these credentials to be beneficial to...
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    Advice for LT. in regards to crew member

    We have a training department and they do all the CE stuff so I’m thinking I’m going to take the issue to them. But I really like the approach of having him teach the concepts. This is something I think I’m going to utilize! Thanks for the idea!
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    Advice for LT. in regards to crew member

    No, he’s not probationary as of 2 years ago and yes we are at medic level department-wide. I would hate for him to lose his job as well, but EMS is 97% of what we do and we are very busy. Unfortunately, he’s more of a hands-off medic and will only help if asked, or will make it look like he’s...
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    Advice for LT. in regards to crew member

    Alright I’m gonna shoot my shot and ask for some advice. As an LT, my rig has 3 medics. Well, one of my crew members for the life of him cannot grasp the concepts, differences or similarities between the following: pulmonary edema, emphysema, L/R heart failure. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    That’s the way to go! I did literally the exact same thing but also included a bunch of free weights. CF is overrate in my own opinion but if people love it, good for them! I’ll just keep to my kick-*** garage gym!
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    Life outside of EMS?

    I’m a 6th year FF/Paramedic and I work 24 hours and then I’m off 48 with a Kelly week. EMS is a passion of mine but it is not my life. You need to learn to prioritize yourself from the get-go. Find some hobbies you love and pursue them on your time off. Personally, I bodybuild and compete and I...
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    Was it worth it.

    I have ran a fair share of calls that I remember every single detail that you want to forget. I’m not sure if you’re provided with some type of incident counseling but if you are, take advantage of it. My department offers this and I feel like many people, including myself, have seen positive...
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    Gym Addicts

    Love this topic! I find the most important aspect is staying consistent! Keep up with cardio as well! Personally, I’m a FF/Medic and my station luckily has a pretty solid gym in it so I am able to get my workouts in when I’m on shift. I also have many friends who unfortunately don’t have much...