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    Transferring Drugs from one Agency to Another

    So, unfortunately, my first VFD where I got my start in emergency medicine, will be shutting its doors for good at the end of the year. Over the years, throughout my medical school and residency, there would be tons of supplies the hospital would discard. Sometimes it was a change of contract...
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    Hearing Protection

    So apparently there was some story in the new about sirens on fire/EMS apparatus and hearing protection from the sirens. I was wondering if any members on here use hearing protection when on the job. Previously, the only time I've ever thought about it is on extrication scenes with the really...
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    Summer Boots for EMS

    I love my 5.11 8" Taclite boots, but for the price, they aren't really built to last. This is the second pair I have been through in 3 years and they just seem to fall apart after the 1-1.5 year mark. Anyone got good recommendations for a good, lightweight duty boot for summer use?
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    Strategies for Dealing with Nuisance Calls/Frequent Fliers

    This is definitely above my pay grade, but we were doing a thought experiment the other day. Details of the story have been changed, but the general feel has not. A patient of ours is a known frequent flier. This person calls about 3-4 times per month. Now I know that doesn't seem like a lot...
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    Reciprocity in West Virginia

    Anyone know anything about reciprocity requirements in WV? I've dug through their website and I can't seem to find anything on reciprocity--only initial licensure and the number of hours required for it etc. Thanks for any help anyone might be able to offer!
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    New look

    So I've been away for a while and I do have to say I like the new sleek design. But what happened to my forum title and posts?! (Also, thanks for not making it snow this year, my computer HATED the snow for some reason!)
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    A good light jacket

    So right now I have a winter coat, and then I have a fleece, but I was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for a good, light jacket. Perhaps something to wear in the fall or spring in the middle of the night when you want long sleeves and a little bit of warmth but not so much as a...
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    Polo Shirt Preferences?

    We're allowed to have polos made for the summer months (all day) and the winter months (after 6 pm). But we don't have a standard for which to get. It's up to us and as long as it has our logo and is midnight blue they really don't care. Does anyone have any preferences? I've always liked...
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    Motorola Minitor Pagers For Sale

    Hi guys, I got a few extra pagers I don't need and figured someone on here might be looking for a deal. I have the following in surplus right now: 2 - Minitor V (Minitor 5) - 2 Channel, Stored Voice 1 - Minitor IV (Minitor 4) - 2 channel* Stored Voice 3 - Minitor IV - 2 Channel*...
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    Finding Used Radios/Pagers

    Other than eBay, does anyone know a good place to find used (read: cheap) radios or pagers? We're mainly looking for pagers, but at the rate we're acquiring the ones we want on eBay, we'll be here for a few years before we get what we're looking for! I figure that as departments upgrade...
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    Backpack and Equipment/Supplies recommendations?

    I'm putting together a backpack for us to use on runs where a lot of walking is necessary or just for events where we can't get the medic into parts of the venue. Our current first-in bags are very heavy and have pretty much everything under the sun in them. (They aren't really first in bags...
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    Clearly I'm missing something simple, but in the NREMT brochure, it says that for the bridge/transition, EMTs need to be trained in ATV. I can't for the life of me find this defined anywhere. So unless they want me to learn to respond on an all-terrain vehicle... Can anyone hit me upside...
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    5.11 Taclite TDU Pants - New with Tags - $36 incl. shipping to USA

    I have an extra pair of Taclite TDU Pants that I don't need. They are exactly like the style seen here Size is Large with Regular Inseam. Color is Midnight Blue (Dark Navy). Asking $36 which includes shipping to anywhere in the USA...
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    Tax Deductions for Volunteer Fire/EMS

    So we're being reclassified this year for all of the volunteer firefighters and EMTs and we will be given a 1099. What we are being told is that this means we are essentially not-employed by the department anymore (I guess our old classification was that we were employed but got a stipend...
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    5.11 Tactical Socks - Level I, 9" - NWT

    Hey all, I got a couple pairs of 5.11 Level I Tactical Socks that came with some boots I bought and I have no need for them since I don't wear the 9" size. They are brand new, in the original retail packaging (still have the plastic ties). I have a pair of the 9" Level I socks' but...
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    Extra Uniform Allowance

    So I feel that people are always telling me "oh, well the next time you have some extra uniform allowance left at the end of the year, you should..." Unfortunately I never paid any attention to them because our allowance was usually just enough to replace old and worn out gear. For some...
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    Mount for handheld radio

    Does anyone have a good idea for a mount for my car for a handheld radio? I've found recently that I've been in my personal truck a lot more when on shift and the issue I have is that if I'm driving, I don't want pick up the radio I have in the passenger's seat, look for the channel to make...
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    It's snowing again...

    But this year, I upgraded my computer during black friday so it's not causing my computer to crash every time i visit the forum!
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    Use of Backup Spotters

    So I saw an article today ( that mentioned the death of a firefighter caused by a backing accident. Recently, one of my departments has a Chief who is on a warpath for making sure we use...
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    How do you explain these vitals physiologically?

    So my partner and I were on special duty at the state park and were in line to get some coffee at the concessions stand. We hear a commotion in front of us and look up to see a lady that passed out. Our ATV/Cart thingy was about 20 feet away so I go get it and my partner walks up the 10 feet...