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  1. MS Medic

    Administration of Narcan for AMS

    This came up in another thread and I want to answer it without derailing the original topic so I created this one. While I don't blanket administer Narcan to all AMS, in the case of the original thread I would. If you administer Narcan and there aren't any opioids attached to the mu receptors...
  2. MS Medic

    Home Delivery

    Was dispatched to an OB call. On arrival, a FF comes out of the house shaking his head saying you aren't going to believe this. I walk in and the woman is walking out of the back with a baby in one hand and the still attached placenta in the other. This is something like her tenth kid and she...
  3. MS Medic

    NY has stiffer laws for attacking EMS personnel Not from NY but good for Governor Cuomo.
  4. MS Medic

    Taxi based EMS

    Saw this story on Thought is was an interesting concept untill I saw this part of the story "based on the study done by Fishbine and Unity Consulting." I've never heard of...
  5. MS Medic

    Nebbing a CHFvsCOPD/asthma PT

    On another thread about calling med control, I stated that my local protocols state that I have to call before administering a neb for a wheezing pt if they have a hx of CHF and COPD/asthma. The resulting conversation was threatening to hijack that thread. I think this is a worthy topic of...
  6. MS Medic

    Vitals on routine IFT

    On a IFT, going from the floor of one hospital to the floor of another with a stable pt for a routing upgrade in services, does everyone have to check vitals every 15 min even though both hospitals might check them once an hour at most? If so, has anyone ever gotten a better answer other than...
  7. MS Medic

    Refractory V-Fib

    This did not happen to me but I heard the story first hand from the crew it happened to. They were dispatched to a cardiac arrest at a local motel. They had a medic student with them that day. They get to the motel with fire and enter the room to find a middle age man coded lying in bed naked...