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  1. Carlos Danger

    The Gun Thread

    Is this permissible? A place to discuss (legal) shooting related sports and hobbies?
  2. Carlos Danger

    Predicting a difficult airway is darn near impossible

    I've seen other studies that said essentially the same thing, but I don't recall coming across this large (almost 190,000 cases) analysis from a few years back. Diagnostic accuracy of anaesthesiologists’ prediction of difficult airway management in daily clinical practice: a cohort study of 188...
  3. Carlos Danger

    10 Rules For Approaching Difficult Intubation

    10 Rules For Approaching Difficult Intubation A good basic review. Clearly intended for the in-hospital audience, but I think it's worth the read for anyone who intubates. I think you need to create an account to see the article.
  4. Carlos Danger

    Why Uber Can Find You But 911 Can't

    WSJ: Why Uber Can Find You But 911 Can't
  5. Carlos Danger

    Interesting Map

    Look at Washington state on the map.
  6. Carlos Danger

    Timing of ketamine vs. rocuronium
  7. Carlos Danger

    Unrecognized esophageal intubation

    I remember reading about this incident shortly after it happened. It wasn't far from where I was going to grad school at the time. Just came across this video on FB, though. I'm sure some of you have seen it already. I'd like to believe this type of gross incompetence is rare, and I do think...
  8. Carlos Danger

    Paramedic students in the OR

    I know we've touched on this topic in the past, and in fact may have had a thread about this exact topic, but to be honest, I'm too lazy to look very far back to find it. Anyway......we recently started getting paramedic students in the OR. We have one pretty much every day for most of the day...
  9. Carlos Danger

    She needs to be intubated - what is your plan?

    What drugs and technique? Go.
  10. Carlos Danger


    So we finally got these at work. Holy crap they are nice. Much easier to use than any of the LMA's that I've used over the years (with the possible exception of the air-Q - that may still be my favorite). They just slide right in, and they just work. I used one on a pretty juicy guy yesterday...
  11. Carlos Danger

    awake intubation for subglottic stenosis

    Not all that related to prehospital airway management, but I thought some of you might find this interesting. The subglottic stenosis that can be seen at about 5:00 min is pretty impressive.
  12. Carlos Danger

    Curved vs. Straight blades

    What are paramedics being taught about the differences between the two basic laryngoscope blade designs?
  13. Carlos Danger

    Memories of Paramedic School

    Paramedic school was long enough ago for me (I graduated in June of 1999) and my life has been busy enough since then that I've gotten pretty foggy on most of the details. But I do remember being really excited about the program and very proud when it was over, so it always makes me reminisce a...
  14. Carlos Danger

    More HEMS dysfunction

    Woman Dies Before Air Ambulance Arrives, Still Charged $25k
  15. Carlos Danger


    I am all for the CL's enforcing basic standards of civility, but I think the moderation has gone a little over the top lately. There were just numerous posts removed from the mfi/rsi thread that while a little rowdy and off-topic perhaps, did not rise to the level of warranting deletion, IMO. At...
  16. Carlos Danger

    Heart Rate & Mean Arterial Pressure

    Your patient has a HR of 42 and a BP of 122/68. A few minutes later, his HR increases to 77. You cycle the BP and it is still 122/68. Has the Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) changed? If so, in what way, and why?
  17. Carlos Danger

    8 Vital Capacity Breaths is Better for Pre-Oxygenation Than 3 Minutes of Tidal Volume Breathing

    Interesting article here from the Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology: Comparison of margin of safety following two different techniques of pre oxygenation. The full text is free. This is a simple, well-done RCT that shows a very significantly prolonged time to desaturation (over 3...
  18. Carlos Danger

    Patient won't wake up after surgery

    You are called to an outpatient surgery center for a post-op patient who needs to go to the hospital. You arrive, don bunny suits and hats, and are led into one of the OR's. Since there were just a few cases this morning, a sole CRNA is working; there is no anesthesiologist or other anesthetist...
  19. Carlos Danger

    Best parts of Colorado to live

    If one were relocating to Colorado and could live in any part of the state, what would be the best part of the state to move to, and why? Taking into account proximity to hospitals (for employment opportunities), weather, access to the outdoors, traffic, being reasonably close to one of the...
  20. Carlos Danger

    Colorado HEMS crash

    RIP. 1 dead, 2 injured in Frisco helicopter crash