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  1. Gurby

    Another interesting EKG

    73 F, 300+ pounds, short of breath and weakness for 1 week. Denies any significant history, apparently does not take any meds. Satting at 90 on room air, 140/90.
  2. Gurby

    Thoughts on this EKG?

    Sorry about the crummy quality. Patient basically has no complaints. Weighs ~300 pounds (which probably accounts for the low voltage).
  3. Gurby

    What paperwork did you do for your hospital clinical time? (NREMT)

    I'm a paramedic student currently doing my hospital rotations. My program is not well-run: I have no idea what is expected of me, I cannot reach my clinical coordinator by phone, email, and cannot track him/her down in person. However, I do have a schedule at a hospital. Those of you who are...