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    Have you had to use a AED ?

    Twice I have had the opportunity to use an AED twice. The first time was when it gave a stack of three shocks. It was about 2004 at a ski area. The second was 2009. Again at a ski area. Both people were 80+ and one had an aortic valve replacement within the previous 6 months. Neither...
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    REACT helicopter crash

    Hits close to home. Thinking of the crews and families.
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    It is not all drugs. The drugs are those metabolized by the CYP3A4 enzyme. Grapefruit suppresses the CYP3A4 enzyme in the digestive tract. With the enzyme suppressed, less drug is metabolized and more is available to enter the bloodstream.
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    Pomelos and Seville oranges can have the same effect. University of Chicago has looked at combining anti-cancer drugs with grapefruit ingestion to reduce the side effects of high-dose cancer drugs. They found some drugs effectiveness is tripled when grapefruit is ingested. That may indicate...
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    So, all you snow bunnies (ski area etc workers)

    I patrol. Have three days of skiing in and laid off this week due to warm (60-70 degree) weather. Maybe back to work on Monday.
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    Weather and seismic links...know any? How about topo and other maps?

    Besides NOAA, I like to use
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    Medic To RN

    You will need your RN plus ACLS and PALS then find a PHRN class. After completing it, you can practice the EMS scope of practice.
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    Medic To RN

    There were a couple of BS health science related in my class. After getting the ADN, they were eligible to go for their MSN. That's not in nursing scope of practice.
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    How old are you?

    52 Learn something from every run even if they are a frequent flyer.
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    Medic To RN

    Recent graduated with an ADN degree. I have been a paramedic for over 5 years. I did an on-line program through our local community college. Most hospitals in our region are looking for BSN degrees. Some are still hiring RN with the expectation they will be BSN within 6 years. The...
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    Ever Forget Your Stretcher???

    Not too long ago there was a neighboring BLS had a call. After they got on scene, they requested a paramedic assist. When this happens one of our paramedics normally responds with a response vehicle. A short time later we were paged out to the same address. Enroute we were wondering what was...
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    Most practical way to advance to RN.

    Just graduated from a hybrid course with an ADN while working full time. (NCLEX in two weeks) It worked the best for me, especially with cooperative employers. Hopefully will find work shortly and then look into a BSN. Hybrid - online classes with scheduled clinical time. I know of one...
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    When to cut away a patient's clothes?

    I have found they are usually very cooperative when I ask them "Would you like to take it off or have it cut off? They like to cut things off in the ER." It's amazing how cooperative they are taking off hoodies and pullovers when they have a fractured arm or clavicle.
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    Use what your company accepts. Our company uses ePCR and had a report bounce back because I used Code 1 (our L&S). I was told not to use "Code 1" because not everyone would know what it meant.
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    Any, er, UNIQUE military call signs or "handles" you have accrued?

    For a while my co-workers were calling me Dr. Death due to having a string of bad ones. I am glad to say that did not stick.
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    Ambulance involved in three vehicle accident

    Apparent injury in crash involving ambulance Dubuque Telegraph Herald Dubuque rescue workers tend to a subject (top left) that was apparently injured in an accident involving a Paramount ambulance at the intersection at 14th and Jackson St. around 2:30pm Wednesday. A third car, shown in the...
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    ETCO2 and gasoline

    We were doing a table top scenario about a lethargic child with suspected gasoline ingestion. A question was raised about the reliability of the ETCO2 with the increased hydrocarbon being exhaled. Would the reading be reliable? Also, could the sensitivity of the monitor be affected in future...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Off to do PALS recert.
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    EMS and Motorcycle accidents

    What's your location? ABATE of Iowa has sponsored Two Wheel Trauma training. I have coordinated this training in the past. Slider, Anita and Frank have been doing it for years and are very knowledgeable. Slider has taught this and Accident Scene Management across the country. Wayne starts...
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    Paramedics on CO ski patrols?

    Most of the areas have already had their tryouts for next season. Check with the individual patrols for their respective requirements.