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    REACT helicopter crash

    Hits close to home. Thinking of the crews and families.
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    Ambulance involved in three vehicle accident

    Apparent injury in crash involving ambulance Dubuque Telegraph Herald Dubuque rescue workers tend to a subject (top left) that was apparently injured in an accident involving a Paramount ambulance at the intersection at 14th and Jackson St. around 2:30pm Wednesday. A third car, shown in the...
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    ETCO2 and gasoline

    We were doing a table top scenario about a lethargic child with suspected gasoline ingestion. A question was raised about the reliability of the ETCO2 with the increased hydrocarbon being exhaled. Would the reading be reliable? Also, could the sensitivity of the monitor be affected in future...
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    In the original lawsuit, Schultheis claimed the city had exaggerated ambulance call c

    City settles at $4.5 Million... In the original lawsuit, Schultheis claimed the city had exaggerated ambulance call claims on at least six occasions between February and August 2008. He alleged fire administration “knowingly, deliberately or recklessly submitted false claims,” and that the...
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    2 dead in collision of ambulance, truck

    Will post more on this accident in Iowa as it becomes available. Authorities in Boone County are reporting that 2 people have been killed in a collision between a semi-trailer truck and an ambulance. The collision occurred Thursday afternoon on Highway 30 near the town of Beaver. The...
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    Pilot error blamed in fatal helicopter crash

    Pilot error blamed in fatal helicopter crash 4 died in 2008 when medical flight stuck radio tower in Aurora The National Transportation Safety Board attributed the fatal 2008 crash of an Air Angels medical helicopter in Aurora to the pilot's "inadequate preflight planning" and flying too...
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    Positional Pulse Ox Desaturation

    What could be causes of a person desat'ing from 100% in a supine position to around mid 80's in a sitting position and then returning to 100% when back in the supine position? Not sure of all the details, jsut seems strange to me.
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    Ambulance stolen from hospital

    Ambulance stolen from Okla. hospital DEL CITY, Okla. - A woman is in the Oklahoma County jail after allegedly stealing an ambulance early Friday. In an interview with Eyewitness News 5, Jones explained why she did it. "I have mental...
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    Former firefighter claims ambulance reports falsified CLINTON — A federal complaint filed last year by a former Clinton firefighter and paramedic, and recently unsealed, alleges the Clinton Fire Department submitted false medical records stating that some cases were more serious than...
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    Helmet cam POV avalanche video

    Here is an helmet cam POV avalanche video. You can see the snow fracture before he falls about 1500 feet in 20 seconds. You can also hear his breathing rate accelerate as time passes.
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    Gotta love friends like that

    Our other crew recently had a call for motorcycle accident. Short version - Pt with ETOH onboard on side of the road, airlifted, spent a few days in Neuro ICU and almost lost a leg. Found out later, he was riding with a bunch of friends, all with ETOH onboard. After the accident, they dragged...
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    NTSB HEMS Recommendations

    The NTSB published their recommendations for HEMS. Summary Board Meeting Presentations What do you think? Are these valid recommendations or will they create a false sense...
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    Iowa 911 call center accepting text messages

    Iowa 911 center is first to accept text messages An emergency call center in the basement of the county jail in Waterloo, Iowa, became the first in the country to accept text messages sent to "911," starting Wednesday.
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    How do I embed a YouTube video? I used the embed icon on the toolbar and it looked good in 'preview'. When I posted it, the message showed the HTML string and not the video. Suggestions?
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    Advanced Medical Transport, IL

    Can anyone provide some insight to Advanced Medical Transport from Peoria IL? Wondering what it is like working for them. Looked at their website but that doesn't tell you much. PM me if you prefer.
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    Octo-mom Birth video

    You may never get to see this event again. Click here: OctoMom Giving Birth - Video
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    Traction splinting

    Just curious what other patrollers do for traction splinting. What type of traction splinting do you use? (half-ring, Hare, Sager, etc) Do you apply it at the scene? Do you remove the ski boot before applying the splint? After there are some replies, I'll give my answers.
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    ALS Upgrade refused

    Just want to vent on this one. Basically working in a first responder type job. 80 something year old had a witnessed collapse. On him within a minute, no respirations, no pulse, began CPR. Called 911. AED on within four minutes, no shock advised. Worked him per local protocol. Called...
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    Medevac crash in Illinois

    Medevac flight hit radio tower.
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    Anyone listen to podcasts?

    Does anyone listen to EMS related to podcasts? Our school recorded some of our lectures and they are available on the internet as podcasts. Just wondering what else was available out there.