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    German Study on Optimal Airway in Cardiac Arrest

    In a large, retrospective registry analysis of 14,805 patients over 10 years (2007-2017), endotracheal intubation was associated with significantly higher neurologically-intact survival compared to a laryngeal tube only. In pre-print in Resuscitation, the study looks at non-witnessed, adult...
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    Hot Take?

    Stop sending EMS to respond to overdose calls, Ohio councilman says Some Ohio councilman wants to find a way to stop sending EMS on OD calls because the city is spending too much money on Narcan...
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    2 Paramedics Killed in Crash "Jupiter police said two paramedic EMTs were killed in a rollover crash involving a car early Thursday morning at Indiantown Road near Military Trail in Jupiter." Looks like a...
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    Magnesium Sulfate in Asthma

    Can someone explain the physiology/pharmacology behind why mag sulfate is indicated as a rescue treatment for severe acute asthma? I have read it has bronchodilatory and anti-inflammatory effects but I have never heard of it being used outside of the cardiac context.
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    New Study on Importance of Continuous Compressions Very, very interesting results that debunk the majority of literature that has been coming out in recent years about minimizing hands-off time. The sample size was huge and in all analyses, there was no difference in or a greater survival to...
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    REVERT Trial for Modified Valsalva

    Just read this abstract and watched the accompanying supplementary video for the REVERT trial. They randomized 433 patients to either standard valsalva or modified valsalva (they used blowing into a closed system, followed by supine positioning and passive leg raise). They results showed a...
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    MI presentation

    Had this case the other day in the hospital. 46 y/o male drove himself to the ED after complaining of intense pain in the left arm starting approximately 1 hour ago. Initial 12 lead out at triage showed 1 mm of ST elevation in leads III and aVF. (sorry, don't have the actual ECG but not really...
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    I don't know if this has been mentioned elsewhere, I apologize if it has, but the big chat room display is blank when you go to the chat tab. The side bar displays messages, but the bar under it does not allow you to enter any messages. You have to type into the box under the main chat display...
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    Auto-transfusing tourniquet

    I don't really know how I was came across this item, but I did. It it basically a compression sock for the leg that will empty the leg of blood and recirculate it into systemic circulation while preventing back flow into the legs. This is to be used in extreme trauma with associated bleeding...
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    5 Medications

    If your company was building a compact, robust medical backpack to take in as a single provider for extended extrication scenarios (SAR, hiking trails, etc.), what are the five medications that you would want to be included in the kit? Why? Here are my five: Ketamine. It can be used for pain...
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    HIPAA question

    So I have a few questions regarding HIPAA and its use in a hospital setting. Background: I work in a hospital ER, signed all the HIPAA papers, confidentiality went through the orientation, etc. However, I do not personally have access (a login) to our online radiology viewing software. So, if a...
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    Would you have called it?

    ALS crew plus ALS fire engine dispatched to SNF for a 76 year old man presenting with lethargy. The pt. is paraplegic (that's all you know for know...) but is otherwise healthy with a normal mental baseline. ALS crew arrives to find the man in sinus bradycardia with inadequate peripheral (or...
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    Caring for the Patient

    Disclosure: This narration is not a reflection of my opinion on the matter. It is merely a recollection of facts as I was it happen. I was not on the medic crew, and do not have all the facts of the situation. I was working in the ED today. Our ED is set up where ambulances park in the bay...
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    Vac Mat vs LSB study

    So I was looking up vacuum mattresses and the literature of them being used with c-collars, head blocks, other extremity splints, etc. when I came across this study. I know the general consensus on new research is VacMat=:D, LSB=:sad: I wonder, is the sample size too small? In the (few)...
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    Thread notifications going to spam

    Is anybody else having the same problem? I get most of the e-mail notifications from threads that I sub to in my inbox but some random notifications end up in my spam box, even if it is a notification of a new response in which prior notifications have gone to my inbox. Anybody know how to fix this?
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    IV Site Selection

    So I was at a local hospital's employee health division getting blood drawn for a TB test. I have very good veins that are easily visible without a TQ and are springy to the touch without rolling or palpable valves in both forearms. However, the nurse choose to directly try to stick the AC which...
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    Dream Ambulance

    Let's collectively design a dream ambulance. The requirements are- must be reasonable to have in ambo in next 20 years, cannot GREATLY exceed your scope, your training is a 4 year college BS with 2 years of college classes (micro, bio, chem, phys, humanities, organic chem, A&P, english), 1 year...
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    CCT in Fly-cars

    I was reading literature on pre-operating room thoracotomies and there was a study of outcomes from the U.K. ( and read that emergency physicians drive with fly-cars to the scene when they are needed. It seems to work very well for them and allows them...
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    Hey EMTlifers, Just wanted to introduce myself. I am just entering the EMS world and am eagerly looking forward to the starting my education. I have been reading a lot of the threads on here for a while and decided to sign up today. But I must add that the 100% directionless thread is what...