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    Paracetamol and Hepatitis C

    Had a call recently that came in as possible flu like symptoms. Pre arrival was nausea and vomiting, increasing lethargy, leg pain, and onset of shaking ? rigors The patient in question was post OP x 6 weeks liver surgery removal of tumors. Other co comorbidities included chf, hep c and lung...
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    Life after front line ?

    So any pointers, experience or anecdotes for an alternate career pathway for someone looking to step away from frontline ems after 25 + years Training or dispatch not a preferred option Thanks
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    Physician Assistant ?

    What are peoples thoughts or experiences on becoming one from an ems background ? What routes are out there for paramedics to study for the position ?
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    CPAP for COPD ?

    We have CPAP in our system solely for APE We cannot use it for exacerbations of copd although we can use it in APE regardless of a history of copd Have been reading some articles and saw a recent podcast advocating its use for exacerbations of copd Is it a safe and effective treatment in...
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    Morphine for headaches ?

    In our cpg's morphine is not contraindicated but is also not recommended for a headache Does anyone know why ? Thanks
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    Pain relief and Alcohol intoxication

    Thoughts and experience with managing pain in a drunk patient with severe pain from a traumatic injury. Morphine contraindicated in acute alcohol intoxication. Is IN fentanyl ok This patient in question has a dislocated shoulder and a head laceration from a fall from standing, GCS 15 and vital...
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    Online CME

    Thaughts and opinions ? Any recommendations ?
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    Sepsis and exacerbation of copd

    A patient will/could have sirs markers when having exacerbation of copd. Are the conditions exclusive and would the treatment of the exacerbation take precedence over the sepsis or should both be treated at the same time.
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    Wetfag calculations

    When calculating for a patient between 6 months and 1 year what numbers would you use Do you round up
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    Pain and Vital Signs

    Can a patients pain be accurately guaged by their vital signs ?
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    can foreign medics get national registry

    Can medics who work outside the USA get a us national registry certification. Thanks
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    expired florida certification

    Hi my florida cerification expired in 2001 when I left the USA to come work in ems in europe. Dose anyone know if : A. Can I recertify B. Can I recertify online