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  1. Always BSI

    NREMT Refresher Online? (Link to website inside) Anyone ever tried this website or heard anything about it. Its a whopping $250.
  2. Always BSI

    So let me get this straight...

    My NREMT expires March 31st 2013. I don't feel like doing the 72 hours for recert and instead want to just recert by examination. If I dont recert NR at all and let it lapse (currently working as an EMT) can I just retake the computer test lets say If I ever decide to move out of state...
  3. Always BSI

    What type of watch do you have?

    I have a crappy Velcro one from BIG5 I got 3 years ago. I think Its time for an upgrade...
  4. Always BSI

    How old are you?

    and give 1 piece of advice you would give to an EMT going into his first EMS job. :usa:
  5. Always BSI

    Can anyone recommend a good lunch pail to bring to work?

    Starting my first EMT job shortly and I don't want to be eating out a lot. Also what kind of goodies do you keep in there if you'd like to share. :blush:
  6. Always BSI

    Question for those that dont have a job.

    How do you stay up on your skills etc? Topic.
  7. Always BSI

    It feels like I'm stuck in a rut.

    I took my EMT-Basic course a while ago. Took it fall of 2010. I didn't get my state card until summer of last year. Ive been applying all over the place in Southern California. San Bernardino county, Riverside, Orange County ,Los Angeles etc. No luck. I applied to what seems to be over 20 some...
  8. Always BSI

    Question regarding Redlands AMR.

    Do they do a skills test when you go for an Interview? Any information regarding Redlands AMR will be appreciated, thanks.
  9. Always BSI

    Alpha Ambulance?

    Have any of you worked at Alpha Ambulance? Thoughts on the company? Thanks!
  10. Always BSI

    Ics 300?

    My EMT instructor told me he would help me find some opening positions available around my city. He told me in order for me to do that I would have to get a couple of things. Ambulance license cert ICS 100,200,300,800 and make a resume. I waited a bit because I didnt have the money...
  11. Always BSI

    EMT-B Hirings in Southern California?

    In the Los Angeles/ San Bernardino Areas. Its been frustrating going out to apply everywhere for 9 months and yet nothing. Does anybody know what other ambulance companies are hiring ETC. any websites? Any information will help, thanks guys.
  12. Always BSI

    I think i did this right...

    Hi guys im new to this site so take it easy ^_^ Took my EMT b test for the second time on Sat feb 19th. the first time i took it, it shut me off at 70 and i failed. This time it shut me off at 123! i dont even know what to think at this moment. and now i have to wait until monday to see my...