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  1. KingCountyMedic

    Honest opinion

    First off, thank you for your service! My son in law jumps out of airplanes currently and has spent many months in the sandboxes around the world. You armed forces folks are AWESOME!!! EMS is a great profession to enter. It's not all good but much of it is. I would encourage you to go to...
  2. KingCountyMedic

    Body Armor

    Only one that can't pass the firefighting testing process :)
  3. KingCountyMedic

    Body Armor

    We have it. A body armor tailor comes in and everyone is custom fitted for it. It is required to be with you at all times and must be inspected quarterly. All calls involving assault with weapons requires it to be worn at all times. It's a pain to wear but doesn't get in the way really. I...
  4. KingCountyMedic

    AMR anyone?

    Ahhhh My Ride
  5. KingCountyMedic

    I need advice/help badly

    How's your sleep? Fatigue is one of the leading causes of everything you're experiencing. You should get a good set sleep schedule going if you haven't already. Sleep in a bed without your smart phone or TV on. The light and whatever is on your phone or TV is stimulating your brain. You need to...
  6. KingCountyMedic

    For the more seasoned EMTs, what does a new EMTB do that bothers you?

    If you have a good selection process, good SEI's in charge of the class, good instructors, and a great FTO program you won't have any problems with your new EMT. We were all new once. All of the issues folks have listed here would be covered and handled in the first part of training if you have...
  7. KingCountyMedic

    Narcan, or Not.

    We provide both, not all LEO's are fortunate enough to have a EMS Medical Director and EMS Agency that takes an active role in their training and education. Those folks probably feel a lot better having it "just in case" I'd love to see more education for not only LEO but for all EMS...
  8. KingCountyMedic

    Narcan, or Not.

    I think it's great having LEO carry and give Narcan. Our LEO agencies are very well trained in providing medical aid. We are at a time right now, thanks in part to the media, that they have to carry it. It's being giving out to family members of addicts, it's given out at needle exchange...
  9. KingCountyMedic

    NTG and Morphine I’m Inferior AMIs

    We carry it and do use it for Acute MI. 5mg IV every 5 minutes up to 15mg (in our guidelines) It's not used very frequently, if the patient is hypertensive and HR is above 60 we discuss it with the Doc and will usually only give the first dose, we are usually at the hospital pretty quick with...
  10. KingCountyMedic

    Getting STUCK with EMT-Basic partner:(

    Please go apply for a job at Amazon or something. Get out of EMS, we don't need you.
  11. KingCountyMedic

    the 100% directionless thread

    I think our testing has changed a bit over the years, we have a ton of folks retiring in the next couple years, we will be looking to hire around 4 per year and unlike when I went through school we actually pay our new paramedics students quite well now. The chopper folks get to carry a few...
  12. KingCountyMedic

    the 100% directionless thread

    We have a helicopter thing now. It's with King County Sherriff's chopper. Each shift has 2-3 helo qualified medics that will go out on rescues all over the state. They do hoists a lot. The newer young medics are really into it. I don't have any desire to go near it. I don't even like getting up...
  13. KingCountyMedic

    Ambulance Crew Configuration: Are Two Paramedics Better Than One?

    If you can have two Medics working together this is always going to be best for the patient. Obviously on a sick patient (CPR, Trauma, etc.) one Paramedic can take care of the airway and the other Paramedic can gain access via IV, IO, or Central. I agree a single Medic on an engine company is...
  14. KingCountyMedic

    Narcan, or Not.

    Here in Washington State in the past 12 months there's probably been fewer than 6 LEO's getting Narcan either from a fellow officer or self admin and probably in most cases didn't actually need to deploy it to begin with. There have been dozens and dozens of instances where first arriving LEO...
  15. KingCountyMedic

    Narcan, or Not.

    It's all about training and having an involved Medical Director. Our cops save lives on a daily basis in King County, Washington. The Police Commander that oversees their EMS Training is a 20+ year EMT and a Senior EMT Instructor. Our Paramedics assist in "training the trainers" and they take...
  16. KingCountyMedic

    Narcan, or Not.

    Our LEO folks are really big on EMS calls, they all have Defib units, trauma kits, Narcan. I've had cops beat us to dozens of CPR calls over the years and they have started CPR, shocked, and achieved ROSC prior to our arrival. Just south of us in Pierce County the Tacoma Fire Department is...
  17. KingCountyMedic

    Narcan, or Not.

    We will go 0.2 - 0.4 mg to start, IN, IM, IV. Our LEO's carry 4mg nasal spray that gives the entire 4mg in one shot. They are also trained to provide rescue breathing prior to giving the Narcan. Our BLS Fire folks carry 2mg Nasal and are trained to give 1mg and BVM, wait for them to wake up and...
  18. KingCountyMedic

    The Winter 18/19 Unicorn Hunt!

    We will be hiring 2-4 a year for the next few years I'm sure. Yes you go to school again but you are well paid to go to school, bennies and retirement in the IAFF without actually being a FF. There is also the opportunity for all kinds of teaching here, Paramedic Training, King County EMS and...
  19. KingCountyMedic

    Debatable 12 lead

    I know, I got them mixed up