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    Epipens and Twinjects

    I know awhile back (not sure how long back), a new style Epipen was introduced, the one with the orange shield over the needle end. Do you still see any of the old style pens out there unexpired? Also, I believe Twinjects aren't on the market any more in the US. Do you still see any of these in...
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    Lost report of Lincoln assassination physician found after 147 years

    I thought this was a really interesting report about what transpired medically in the hours after President Lincoln was shot:
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    Nitroglycerin minimum blood pressure for NREMT-B test

    I'm taking the NREMT EMT-B in a couple days. In our class textbook (Brady Prehospital Emergency Care, 9th ed), the author says the patient must have a systolic BP of > 90 to administer NTG. As I study for the NREMT and look at other sources, it seems like everything else I read states the...