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  1. bigdude

    National Registry certification

    What is the purpose of national registry certification? I am a state licensed EMT-B and have been since 2011. But I am confused about the national registry. Is there any benefit to having national registry certification? I attempted to become certified via their website, but I was not...
  2. bigdude

    More basic clinicals during medic program??

    I completed my EMT-B training at a community college in Michigan (OCC). I am currently a state licensed EMT-B. I wanted to go on to medic school because I want to become a PA and the HCE is the only requirement I need before I can apply. Anyway, part of the medic program at OCC is doing...
  3. bigdude

    NREMT-B and updated AHA CPR

    Will any potential CPR questions on the NREMT be upated to the new AHA standards, or should I answer those questions based on the old CPR standards?
  4. bigdude

    Leg injury and shock position

    Let's say a patient has a laceration mid femur with profuse bleeding. After bleeding is controlled and assuming the patient is showing signs of shock, would you transport in shock position or supine? From what I can remember the only contraindiction for shock position is a suspected spinal...
  5. bigdude

    Advanced airway for NREMT-B exam?

    During my EMT-B class, we skipped the chapter on advanced airway. We did however learn to insert a combitube/king tube. As far as written tests, we were not tested on any advanced airway material. Will the written NREMT-B exam cover advanced airway material?
  6. bigdude

    Paramedics in Michigan

    Hello all. I am new to this forum. I have a couple questions regarding the paramedic profession. I am in the middle of a career change from engineer→PA. I completed all my pre-requisites for PA school except the experience requirement. In order to fulfill that, I have limited my choices to...