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    Hiring question - input from experienced ppl?

    Hi everyone, I'm a new EMT-B and am looking for my first job. I've called a private ambulance company here and they asked me to submit an application...easy enough. However, I, like most EMTs, am interested in working for a fire dept. Most of the ones around me hire paramedics, though...
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    C-spine immobilization on a pt. with increased pain upon manual stabilization?

    Sorry for the long title of the post, I couldn't think of a better way to word it. Anyway, question... If a pt.'s neck is not in neutral position but breathing is inadequate and the pt. has increased difficulty breathing when you try to move the c-spine into neutral position, do you just...
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    I think I failed :(

    I just got home. Test stopped at 70. Last question was confusing, and I think I got it wrong.
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    How long does it take to know if you pass or fail?

    I know the "official" time is like 1-3 business days or something, but it seems like everyone hears the day after if they passed or failed. I'm taking my exam tomorrow at 12:30. Does that mean I'll most likely see on Monday at the earliest if I pass or fail? Don't get me wrong, I know the old...
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    NREMT on Saturday - best quick review strategy?

    Hey all, I'm taking the dreaded computer test on Saturday. I'm actually not that freaked out by it. Our teachers did a good job of preparing us by giving us exams and quizzes that are supposedly very similar to the NREMT test. Anyway, I just need to do a quick review. I was told to...
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    Practical exam tomorrow - any advice?

    I've passed my EMT-B class with flying colors, so I'm confident that I know the material...academically anyway. My practical exam is tomorrow and I know I'll have 5 or 6 stations. I feel good about airway, long board and KED, and bleeding control. I even feel pretty good about medical and...
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    New stethoscope...questions?

    I just got a Sprague Adscope 641. I've never used a stethoscope before so I tried it out and it really hurt my ears. The plastic eartips were painful! Also, I found that unless I held it absolutely 100% still, I got lots of little sounds from the stethoscope moving a little bit against the...
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    Starting EMT-B soon, normal to be scared?

    Hi all, I'm so glad I found this forum. I've been reading it for days and it's been very helpful. I'm starting an EMT-B class at the beginning of September, and although I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I sat down and talked with our local EMS coordinator, I'm suddenly very...