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  1. NightHealer865

    Anyone took a break from EMS?

    Am I the only one who needed a much needed break from being a Paramedic? Took a year off to go back to aircraft mechanic and recover. 911 SSM burned me out, I couldn’t stand being on an ambulance and helping patients wasn’t fun anymore. Now I’m getting back into EMS and am super excited and...
  2. NightHealer865

    CCP-C vs FP-C

    I’m taking a critical care course which at the end allows me to test for either CCP-C or FP-C. Which of the two would be of better benefit? Why would you test for one and not the other? What restricts would one give you over the other?
  3. NightHealer865

    Department of the Army paramedic?

    Does anyone have any experience working as a paramedic as a DOD civilian? I am a current federal employee with the department of the Air Force, a US army vet and am looking at applying for a paramedic spot at Ft Benning. GS-7 level position, but I’d have SAFEPAY making me a GS-9.
  4. NightHealer865

    Good transport services?

    Hello. Are there any good ALS transport services out there? I’m at the point in my career where 911 isn’t as fun as it once was, and I much prefer a good ALS or critical care transfer. I hear the horror stories of all the private EMS services and was seeing where some of the better transport...
  5. NightHealer865

    Texas EMS Reciprocity

    Hello, I was looking at getting my Texas paramedic license so I can start looking at flying here in Oklahoma. I have National Registry, but am confused on how and where to take the texas jurisprudence exam or if it was even needed for paramedic licensure with NRP. Can anyone help point me in...
  6. NightHealer865

    Hybrid CCP programs

    Hello, I was curious to see what y’all think of some of the CCP hybrid programs that are out there and if anyone knows of any others besides UF and Creighton? I’m wanting to take my critical care exam, but unfortunately there are not any local to me Thanks!
  7. NightHealer865

    CPAP vs BiPAP

    For your pulmonary edema/chf patients, which do you prefer? Our vents will do both and we have protocols for both, but this is the first time I've ever had a vent and able to do BiPAP. Why do you prefer one over the other?
  8. NightHealer865

    EDC Bag

    What are y’all carrying all your stuff in for shift? When I was in paramedic school I had a large backpack that had my textbooks, laptop and stuff in it. Now I’m out and looking for something big enough to carry my phone chargers, iPad, stethoscope and headphones in, but is still small enough to...
  9. NightHealer865

    Paramedic Relocating to Central FL.

    Hey all. So my fiance has gotten accepted to UCF to finish out her bachelor's and masters, so we are obviously looking for jobs in the Orlando area. I plan on getting into fire academy as soon as I can to get a fire job, bit for now I'm just a paramedic. I have already obtained my Florida cert...
  10. NightHealer865


    Anyone here using iPCR? If so, what are your thoughts? I use it at my full time gig and it seems like a very good charting software. Better than some of the other ones I've used. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. NightHealer865

    Starting paramedic school

    Hello All, I am starting paramedic school on January 19. I am super excited but and cautiously nervous as well. I am wanting to see if anyone can over some study tip, time management tips and any other advice they picked up to make medic school a little bit easier. I've been an EMT-IV and...
  12. NightHealer865

    Progressive EMS states

    Hello, I am currently in paramedic school and am wanting some options on progressive EMS states to get started in as a brand new paramedic. I am currently in TN practicing as an AEMT but am looking for a change of scenery as a medic. I'd love to live near a coast line but I'll live anywhere...