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  1. PVC

    Greensboro North Carolina Needs Paramedics

    Read the job description carefully. Here is part of the text: "In general, paramedics drive ambulance or assist ambulance driver in transporting sick, injured, or...
  2. PVC

    Equipment missuse

    Should the participants of this obvious misuse of equipment be sanctioned or fined for using the resources of Salt Lake City for personal purposes? Does the media really think that the defrauding of the people of Salt Lake City, so some guy can get his picture on TV is cute...
  3. PVC

    Run, Hide, Fight

    The city of Houston has released an instructional PSA video with instructions of how to react in an Active Shooter Event. The producers actually considered including an instructional for armed citizens but decided that the percentage of legally armed Texans was to low. They paid for the PSA...