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  1. cprted

    Paramedic Documentary Series

    The Knowledge Network in British Columbia is releasing their new documentary series "Paramedics: Life on the Line" next month featuring the work of my colleagues at BC Ambulance. While I successfully avoided the cameras, a lot of very good friends are featured here. The full episodes start...
  2. cprted

    ALS Role at MCI in a targeted system

    Hi Gang, Doing a little research project and I'm curious if there are agencies that have specific expectations as to the role ALS providers fulfill during an MCI event. I'm looking specifically at non-Fire based and targeted or tiered ALS systems. Does your agency expect ALS to fill a...
  3. cprted

    The Sock Drawer-Paramedic PTSD

    This is a recent episode from the radio show "White Coat-Black Art" on the CBC hosted by an EP talking about PTSD among Paramedics and first responders and a unique approach to break the stigma of mental illness, PTSD, and CIS. Well worth a listen. Episode Page...
  4. cprted

    "A World Without Paramedics" PR Campaign

    This is the new PR campaign by my union. Thoughts?