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  1. Ruamkatanyu

    Thai EMS

    Since it is one of my dreams to work in thailand i decided i would share what i know of how the ems system works there. Firstly about 90% if not more of the ems system is volunteer many of the ambulances and gear is bought by the rescuers themselves. In Bangkok 2 main foundations provide ems The...
  2. Ruamkatanyu

    Why do mourge vans in mexico have ambulance on them

    I dont know if this is the right place to post but being part mexican ive always wondered why do some coroner vans in mexico have Ambulancia written on them?
  3. Ruamkatanyu

    New guy

    I just joined my name is john im not in ems but someday would like to volunteer in thailand as a rescue worker. by the way my profile pic is a bls ambulance used by thai rescue crews